'Nine Greyhounds in a Landscape' Jacques-Laurent Agasse c1807 {{PD}}

‘Nine Greyhounds in a Landscape’ Jacques-Laurent Agasse c1807 {{PD}}

Today’s image is a small cloth patch found in a parking lot; the patch has an embroidered number, a six–or is it a nine? Is there a situation in your life that can be seen in two completely opposite, and completely valid, ways? How do you know the ‘right’ viewpoint to take, in order to deal with things successfully? We can see it this way: one option is the viewpoint of responsibility, of obligation and duty (the six), while the other is about completion, signifying an ending, a time to turn away from the subject (the nine). Now consider the two opposite viewpoints; which side should prevail in this matter in your life, service and obligation, or an ending and a clean break toward a new start?

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