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Certainly more dramatic than a burst pipe. 'Fisherman and the Siren' Knut Ekwall {{PD}}

Certainly more dramatic than a burst pipe. ‘Fisherman and the Siren’ Knut Ekwall {{PD}}

1 AM PDT of the 25th the Gemini Moon squares Pallas. What we’re thinking may be at odds with what’s wise–let feelings break the tie. 3 AM PDT the Moon fills in the base to a Finger of God with Black Moon Lilith, apex Pluto. It’s time to look at emotional secrets, those things we’d hoped to keep hidden, and deal with them for good; the payoff will be a clean slate, and maybe a little power. 9 AM PDT the Moon trines Zeus; our intuition supports our ambitions, and act as an excellent guide. 11 AM PDT the Moon sextiles Uranus and trines Mars. We act (or talk about acting) but surprise ourselves or others with the unexpected, the innovative, or the original. Go with it. 1 PM PDT the Moon quincunxes Saturn and squares Chiron. We may find ourselves adjusting the surroundings to fit our wounds; protect yourself, but realize too much coddling may actually prevent healing. 5:30 PM PDT the Moon trines Vesta-Ceres. We connect with what’s important to us through feeling–and behind that we find power.

Today’s image is a burst pipe. This brings to mind the unexpected gush of emotion, the kind of feeling that overwhelms and simply won’t be contained. There is something that is nearing this point with you, something you feel strongly about–and haven’t adequately expressed. Find it and let it out, before any damage is done.

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