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"White cat and two yellow butterflies' Arthur Heyer early 20th century {{PD}}

“White cat and two yellow butterflies’ Arthur Heyer early 20th century {{PD}}

You’ve been through some big changes this past year, haven’t you, dear Libra? When you look back, you may even see it as a transformation–so what could possibly come along this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, that could top the cocoon opening to release the butterfly? Allowing that butterfly to express its own uniqueness, that’s what. Originality will be the thing you will both be consumed by and scared of; though you really want to make your mark and show how far you’ve come, you’re deathly afraid of becoming alienated from the group–you’re just not ready to fly solo quite yet–but you’re deeply in need of being recognized as an individual. How to handle this? Concentrate on developing spiritual depth through practices of compassion, healing, and exercise the imagination and creativity in a way that might aid the Collective–then your beautiful butterfly future will fall into place! Happy Birthday, Libra, and good luck!