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'The Valois Tapestry' c1580 {{PD}}

‘The Valois Tapestry’ c1580 {{PD}}

Will it be radical individuality for you this year, dear Libra, or a position within the group, one that allows you to lead and that allows you to show-off your natural bent for diplomacy and thoughtfulness? If you go the singular route, you have an opportunity to be truly original, with the thing to concentrate on being an appropriate and effective outlet for that originality; if you throw your lot in with the group, you have the chance to really make an unforgettable mark, but you also run the risk of being too unusual, if you can believe it, and so end up strangely isolated from those you hoped to be a part of. All this simply means that presentation and standards for interaction will be especially important this Solar year, through to your next birthday. Being aware of how you come across will be the difference between some terribly wounding interactions (for both parties) and finding and using your most unique skills in a way that sets you apart and perhaps gives you an amazing reputation as a source of wisdom and healing–wow, so really concentrate on those relationship skills. Happy Birthday, Libra, and good luck!