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'The Fair Toxophilites' William Powell Frith {{PD}}

‘The Fair Toxophilites’ William Powell Frith {{PD}}

Ambitions and goals loom large for you this coming Solar year, dear Libra, through to your next birthday; what you want, what you’re aiming for, is paramount, and I can’t blame you for being so focused: it feels to you as if your Fate hangs in the balance during this period–and it does, as it does for anyone. The difference for you is that your intuition will be spectacular, giving you an enormous edge in making decisions and choices, and informing you to a highly accurate degree of the state of the unseen in any situation–certainly a major advantage. Just take time to take aim, and be willing to prioritize–otherwise you may become distracted by lesser goals and opportunities, at least a few of which may come out of the past and offer you a kind of quick but goal-missing ego gratification. Too, it’s better to face the hard truths in Love and Finances–doing so can take a mediocre relationship or earning situation and turn it into a powerful magnet for the good things in life. Happy Birthday, Libra, and good luck!