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Public domain photo courtesy of www.photos-public-domain.com/

Public domain photo courtesy of http://www.photos-public-domain.com/

If you’re having monumental energy lows right now, that could be Sun-Saturn; though that’s usually reserved for Saturn’s transits to your natal Sun, the two planets meeting, even when not directly connected to your chart, can suppress energy and identity to the extreme, especially if your Sun or Saturn is currently (by receiving transits, Solar Arcs, or Secondary Progressions) or natally prominent in your chart. I found myself wanting to do nothing but sleep–and then I realized it might be the effect of the transit–I was literally suppressing myself with what felt like fatigue. What’s the antidote? Doing (Saturn) what expresses the Self/ Soul intent (Sun). And in this kind of doing, we must ask some questions.

A Saturn event can be like a locked door for which we’ve lost the key; we see the barrier, and we believe we know how to get through–but we don’t consider that there may be more ways to handle this barrier than initially occur to us. We may search for the key, desperate and helpless-feeling, and should we choose an alternative approach, the very nature of Saturn pushes us toward using force: we try to knock the door down, to splinter it off the hinges, just to get through. Perhaps we’d do better at these times to ask why the door is there in the first place. We should determine if our goal is really worth pursuing, at least in the form we see it in now. We might consider less Saturnian ways to achieve it: exiting through another figurative door, or using a window! Or taking some other metaphorical opening that gets us to the other side of something. And we might just consider that this is an expression of the wisdom of the Universe: not now, not yet, maybe later, maybe never, do something else. That last consideration is where I always end up–trusting that what’s put before me has meaning, whether I understand it or not.