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'Blind Woman" by Diego Velázquez -{{PD}}

‘Blind Woman” by Diego Velázquez -{{PD}}

Will you run on pure instinct this coming year, dear Aquarius, or will you allow the mind to run things and end up letting your ‘blind spot’ (that material hidden from the conscious mind that we’re unaware of but is quite obvious to others) show every foible you have? I vote for instinct–the mind needs a rest, a break from its recent confusion/ stasis–and you’ll feel the urgent need to act, to choose, this coming year, through to your next birthday; what better way to choose than instinctually? Especially considering that the emotional nature and intuition may be under a great deal of stress, using instinct (and by that I mean ‘right impulse’ that arises without conscious reasoning from your core Beingness) as your guide will undoubtedly be the best choice. Now that we’ve got that settled, what else have you to look forward to? A few hints: ‘being yourself’, whatever that means to you, is a naturally strong position; there’s wisdom in action, in education, and, for you at least, in–surprise! the social sphere; and take emotional cues from the material world–make the two ‘match’–as otherwise the feeling state may be undecipherable. Happy Birthday, Aquarius, and good luck!