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"Monsigneur Love" by Thomas Cooper Gotch - {{PD}}

“Monsigneur Love” by Thomas Cooper Gotch – {{PD}}

15 February some serious, serious power issues are front and center, and it’s up to each of us whether this will be expressed as coercion, a clash, or a negotiation. Territory is being staked out, even if it doesn’t appear that this is so; people are trying to establish a foothold, even a realm, and the values they express while doing so are more than a little driven by their ‘blind spot’ issues. That means they’ll be clear about what they want, but not about the real reasons they want it. (Perfecting Today: Pluto conjunct Ceres, Earth quincunx Mars, Venus sextile Sedna)

And a little Lunar essence, for the 16th:

6 AM PST of the 16th the Capricorn Moon sextiles Venus and trines Sedna. If there’s any point today when you can trust the emotional and intuitive prompts as much as the instinctive nature, it’s at this point; in fact, you may be pointed in the direction of Love and/ or Money. Noon the Moon is sextile Mars and quincunx Earth. This is an interesting window when we may make choices and act successfully, but without realizing how the material environment will adjust or need to be adjusted as a consequence. Just be aware that you won’t entirely see the potential outcomes ahead of time. Void begins at 12:47 PM PST; the Moon enters Aquarius at 4:14 PM Pacific time. 8 PM PST the Moon conjuncts Mercury. The mind may race with higher vibration concepts; bring them down-to-Earth (and make them relate-able) by translating through the emotional lens. 11 PM PST the Moon sextiles Saturn, connecting us to the reality situation through attention to our emotional reactions. This can inform our thinking in a very positive way.

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