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'A Casting from Life' Édouard Joseph Dantan 1890 {{PD}}

‘A Casting from Life’
Édouard Joseph Dantan 1890 {{PD}}

Your creative impulse has perhaps been forced to take a back seat for awhile–but not anymore, dear Aries. The creative urge within is building momentum, and you may find, consciously or not, that you are seeking a form into which to pour that spark, a way to translate the energy into a shape others can perceive–but at this point, creating may seem like a distraction. You are currently busy handling things, people, and events formed in the past, and the need to deal with these, to settle, eliminate, transform, or accept them once and for all is strong; what you may not realize is that the die is already cast in this area. You already know how you feel about, and what you want to do about, each particular thing–it only feels unresolved because you’ve been dragging your feet, slow to take action–but that hesitation should be over, at this time. Through to your next birthday, you can wrap up what was and no longer needs to be, and bring your creative goals into focus–all it takes is a willingness ‘to do’. Happy Birthday, Aries, and good luck!

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