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Paul Gauguin 'Jeunes Lutteurs' (Young Wrestlers') 1887 {{PD}}

Paul Gauguin ‘Jeunes Lutteurs’ (Young Wrestlers’) 1887 {{PD}}

Are you going to spend the entire year, through to your next birthday, wrestling with those you see as authorities, dear Taurus, or are you going this route only until you’re emotionally exhausted? Emotional matters, by the way, will dredge up a lot of ignored or denied material and communicate it–and so open the way to some serious confrontations with others, authorities or not. The key to handling it all successfully lies with knowing yourself, which requires knowing your limits, standards, and the lines you won’t cross, and being keenly aware of the extent and parameters of your empowerment–and then confidently going from there. There’s danger in the nature of your action urge this year–too impulsive, too erratic–and yet being spontaneous in response to the world may be the most effective thing in terms of gaining ground on ambitions and fulfilling desires. Have confidence, Taurus, most especially in yourself. Happy Birthday, and good luck!