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"Sommerdag_ved_Skagens_Sønderstrand" (Summer day on Skagen's southern shore) P.S. Krøyer 1883 {{PD}}

“Sommerdag ved Skagens Sønderstrand” (Summer day on Skagen’s southern shore) P.S. Krøyer 1883 {{PD}}

The Sabian is, ‘Telephone Lineman At Work Installing New Connections’ That tells us that what reads to us as an ending (the FM) is really making room for better communications, possibly with others, but most definitely with ourselves. We are finding out about who we are, seeing connections within our own psyches that we never saw before, and this necessitates the installation of new ways of creatively bridging our thoughts and experiences; with fresh ways of seeing and thinking come fresh ways of realizing our purpose—the new connections are meant to show us what was there all along, but which we’re only now beginning to understand, see, embrace, or connect, one thing to another.

The Sun for the Full Moon is, ‘On The Beach, Children Play While Shellfish Grope At The Edge Of The Water’ Use of the word ‘grope’ is very unusual; it implies, again, evolution (“at the edge of the water”) and a growing consciousness. The image says we may, in the greater Universal sense, not even have crawled out of the oceans yet, in terms of understanding—or maybe it says we are still like children at play, lacking an awareness of the underpinnings that allow our (relatively) carefree attitude. In any case, this illumination adds to our burgeoning ability to see and measure our own progress, and to give it meaning.

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