Rudolf Ernst 'The Perfume Maker' 19th century or 20th century, but before 1932 {{PD}}

Rudolf Ernst ‘The Perfume Maker’
19th century or 20th century, but before 1932 {{PD}}

This is from the current issue of ECLIPSE.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2007)  I initially thought this was based on a true story when I started the movie, though it became clear somewhere along the way that it was, even if based in reality, a kind of fairy-tale. The main character is Jean-Baptiste Grenouille (created by the writer Patrick Süskind in his 2001 novel of the same name as the movie), and we follow him from birth to death—or re-absorption by the Universe, as it were—with the presentation of his birth data and the date of his leaving this plane, the latter including the time. So, I thought it would be fun to look at his chart, and see if it really described a man who had a tremendously heightened sense of smell—but no ability to feel—and who goes on a ruthless quest to capture the odor of ‘beautiful woman’ in a bottle. The movie is gorgeously made, and has many striking moments, the best of which is when Grenouille, taken to be hanged in the town square, unleashes his intoxicating creation, to amazing results.

The story begins with Grenouille’s birth in the early morning at the Paris fish market on 17 July 1738. I chose 9 AM as the time, in part because it gives him a Void 29 degree Moon in Cancer in the 11th House=extreme sensitivity without the usual emotional protection afforded the individual (the Void status, which can make the environment seem like it’s assaulting the person, 24/7), located in the House of goals, wishes, dreams, making this sensitivity central to his existence. The Void Moon is square Pluto=emotions, under stress, burnt out, destroyed. He also has Mercury in Cancer conjunct Saturn-Neptune and only 4 minutes off an exact sextile to his Mars in Taurus=what a perfect portrait of a man driven by acute senses (Merc in Cancer) with the creative compulsion (Neptune—which by the way also rules perfumes, along with Venus) to bring what he imagines into reality (Saturn), via actions (Mars) that are focused on sensation and the sensory experience (Taurus)! Then when we see Venus in Leo conjunct the North Node=the Self-confidence (Leo) to bring one’s values, even the essence of Love (Venus) into the life as a kind of destiny (NN), and 00 degree Pluto in his own sign (the essence of death, and the power of regeneration, just being discovered) in a Water Grand Trine with Neptune and Zeus (when the ambition to create the ultimate scent is realized, he returns, ashes to ashes, dust to dust), we have to wonder, Did Herr Süskind have knowledge of astrology, or consult someone in choosing that date? It’s hard to believe he didn’t.

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