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Albert Anker 'Kind mit Puppe' (Child with Doll) c19th century {{PD}}

Albert Anker ‘Kind mit Puppe’ (Child with Doll) c19th century {{PD}}

Hello Poppets (defined as “a small figure of a human being used in sorcery and witchcraft”–yes, I’m sure that’s what I meant!) I’m back with a wee look ahead, here in the lee of the Full Moon. Yesterday’s events most likely re-defined something for you, something related to the House where the FM fell. And look, it wasn’t so bad, was it? We’re up and walking around already! Whether there was a tad of trauma involved or not, the change (even if it doesn’t seem so yet) is for the good–and if you were paying attention, it probably gave you a pretty solid idea of what to do next.

Today (the 2nd), we hear and say some surprising things; communications can turn on a dime, can shock, or we may receive a message (ultimatum?) from the group. Gird your loins. As to material matters, navigate them using instinct, and be aware of the potential for tripping over your own ‘blind spot’ material.

On the 3rd there may be a lot of unnecessary grousing, irritation, and behavior that threatens, just a little, the current power structure. Where you stand in the power hierarchy determines whether this is good or bad 🙂 Bonus: you may get a great idea or two, or understand how to expand interests or please the social sphere–but it’s not the best time to act on that. Note the inspired thoughts, and wait to implement.

On the 4th deep breathing is in order; enjoy the oddly quiet interior landscape. The good news is, that suggests we won’t be thinking about ourselves excessively, or mulling things over too much. We get an idea of what to expect by asking, What’s usually going on when we’re not focused on ourselves?

The 5th is problematic: we fixate on (or at least see) everything in our reality that “needs correcting”. The key is to recognize just how much of this is within our control to change–and how much is our own fault, because we’ve ignored or neglected matters. Please note: non-defensive communication brings cooperation, possibly reward, and definitely improves relationships.

Today, the 6th, the Sun opposes Pluto–which means that heavy-hitter is conjunct the Earth. The Sun also quincunxes Pallas. The implication may be that the environment and/ or material matters pose danger, a threat of destruction, or the opportunity for re-building or even transformation, in the Capricorn-connected areas of the natal chart, and in those ruled by Pluto. It’s smart to be willing to handle that Plutonian element of change head-on. Own your personal power (don’t pretend to be smaller than you are!) and things will move ahead productively.

And finally, by Tuesday the 7th the mental faculties are shining bright–and possibly become set in stone. Accepting that thinking must remain as it is today is a mistake that will cause us to act in ways that conflict with our highest values (and possibly damage our relationship to the mate or the home circumstances), and that may encourage us to sublimate upset and funnel it into relationships, or into financial ‘acting out’. Stay flexible, my friends; the only way things will go badly is if we are set on seeing ourselves and our thinking as ‘perfect’.

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