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'The View at Lacroma' Emilie Mediz-Pelikan 1901 {{PD}}

‘The View at Lacroma’ Emilie Mediz-Pelikan 1901 {{PD}}

Today’s perfection of the Vesta-Pallas square, though ostensibly of minor significance, actually clues us in to something important: a current, standing conflict between our highest values and what we know to be wise. That puts us in a terrible spot: do we choose to honor what we find sacred, what we dedicate our life energy to, what we care for most, including home and mate, or do we do the smart and practical thing, the thing we know will be the wise choice? Both asteroids are at 29 degrees of their respective signs, and that means stress; we also know that Pallas in Sag will be oriented toward facts and knowledge, and will have a far-sighted outlook, while Vesta in Pisces will, if we honor our highest values, also honor our dreams, our creative nature, and our ideals.

Maybe we should go at this another way; we can consider each side by what it might cost not to get it. The wise choice is likely also the safe choice, but may be stodgy or fail to honor our standards. If we embrace what’s wise, we may lose the dream, but if we grab for our ideals we may end up with an impractical or foolish alternative. Serving the wise and practical Pallas choice will make sense, but serving the Vestal ideals will open creative options, though these options could prove untenable or illusory, and so leave us in a very impractical position. Of course, for each person the issue will present differently, and there is no right answer–but we might ask why this is even an issue in the first place.

This may be a signal that what is smart under present conditions and circumstances is in conflict with our deepest  convictions and values because these  matters have somehow drifted an unreasonable distance apart. Honoring what’s most important to us, what we find sacred, shouldn’t make it difficult for us to act wisely–but if it does, either our values need revision, so that they accurately reflect our circumstances (a mobster, for instance, would have a tough time honoring an ideal of non-violence), or our circumstances must be altered so that they support the highest values (we can’t continue to be a furrier if our ideal is to see animal goods removed from the marketplace).

There is one other aspect perfecting today, a Ceres trine to the North Node, with both at 00 of their signs. The more Self-possessed we are, the more clear on our priorities, boundaries, responsibilities, and abilities, the more easily we shape our life direction. If we can connect to that elemental power, we may not have to worry so much about what’s wise vs. what’s valued–it may naturally just shake itself out.

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