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Leo Putz 'Blond und Brünett' c1913 {{PD}}

Leo Putz ‘Blond und Brünett’ c1913 {{PD}}

Both Venus and Black Moon Lilith are represented by female figures, a goddess on one hand and the ‘original Eve’ ejected from Paradise on the other, but this doesn’t exclude them from having meaning for everyone; it instead suggests that the original energy matrix upon which the characters were built was one of receptivity, or being rather than doing. Venus carries attributes in counterpoint to Mars, to activity, to doing rather than being, while Black Moon Lilith, which is an empty focal point rather than a body, carries the energy of the original partner of the first man, Adam, who when she demanded equal treatment and status was demonized (and this always gets me, when Lilith and her ilk are described as vengeful, evil, dark, wrathful women who must be exiled, when it’s clear that a woman who believes she is a man’s equal is only described this way by a patriarchy that has no intention of sharing power). But I digress.

Venus is contra-parallel (that is, equidistant from the celestial equator but in opposite directions, one north and one south) Black Moon Lilith, and though this may seem relatively minor, it could underlie some serious tension today, tension not specific to women, necessarily, but tension that arises from certain assumptions about who should have what, who is allowed what–and you may notice that who has what implies there is someone who feels just slightly superior, who then is ‘qualified’ to judge who gets what. The set-up only occurs because someone declares themselves as arbiter–and this kind of Self-anointing counts on the receptive stance of everyone else in order to have validity.

What we may see is a Venusian figure (male or female, but somehow normally receptive, counting on diplomacy and manners, counting on cooperation, or the person who holds the purse strings) contradict a Black Moon Lilith figure (that is, a perfectly competent individual)–and BML will have none of it. Rightly so, BML will refuse the order dressed up like a request or ‘suggestion’ in Venus’ honeyed tones–and BML may be vilified because of it.

This won’t be the centerpiece to everyone’s day, but it could present itself here and there–and may sneak in to your own interactions. If you are in a position to tell others what to do, it would be wise to treat them with complete respect, and if you are in a position where others determine your fate, watch for suggestions that may seem innocent enough but that will in reality subtly deny you power. The assumption that one must serve the other is what we must watch for today. And no matter who you are, have a great one!

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