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'Woman Reading a Letter' 1660-1662 Gerard ter Borch {{PD}}

‘Woman Reading a Letter’ 1660-1662 Gerard ter Borch {{PD}}

The Full Moon occurs at 10:19 AM PST at 3 Virgo 33. A Full Moon is an ending, a culmination of what came before both in the passage of time and in the emotional history, and signals a conclusion, especially a conclusion of feeling based in the Moon (emotions) reaching a point of maximum visibility. We tend to see the point of things, to realize that the situation is complete, over, no longer viable. And we let it go, or we allow the conclusions reached to fuel change.

This Full Moon is semi-square Zeus, yet too wide for us to count a quincunx with Venus, though we might need to count the exceptionally wide (for a Moon event) opposition of the Moon-Earth to Sun-Neptune-Ceres, with the latter two only 29 minutes apart at 9 Pisces. The mild but noticeable contact to Zeus implies that ambitions or the desire nature are receiving some sort of answer, with FM events pointing to an end place for something we want–and of course, this can be because we get it, or because we don’t, and see that it will never be ours.

The Moon-Sun complex suggests this: what has pushed us forward has been some combination of creative energy, delusion, lies, spiritual quest, ideals, power needs, authority issues, a search to establish territory, and the desire to control. These have formed the fait accompli we see with the Full Moon, with its Virgo location suggesting practical results, an accounting, and/ or a harvest.

The FM Sabian is, ‘Black And White Children Play Together Happily’, clearly a suggestion that the FM brings a state of integration, harmony, balance, parity. Whether this is internal or external for you depends generally on whether the FM falls below the horizon (internal) or above the horizon (external) in the natal chart.

For a Full Moon we also look at the Sun’s Sabian, as the Sun is, after all, the symbolic source for the energy that creates FM circumstances (as well as the literal agent of light): ‘Heavy Car Traffic On A Narrow Isthmus Linking Two Seashore Resorts’ This again brings forward the idea of happiness or play (the resorts), linked by movement between them (a kind of sharing of like material, symbolized by the people we can assume are traveling in the cars). The idea may be that it’s in making the effort to get together in the first place that the two opposing or disparate elements (symbolized by the Black and White Children) find a way to happily interact, and pinpoint commonalities.

The star of the show, however, is a loose Fist of God (or Thor’s Hammer, for the Nordic enthusiasts among us) that names the FM apex with a base of long-term on again, off again Cardinal square Pluto-Uranus. This square has been analyzed to death, and though it takes a particular form for each individual, we can say this: the forces of individuality and/ or the group in relation to the individual, and facets of uniqueness, originality, and rebellion are awakened in service to the individual Will or identity (Aries), and clash with, not the need for change, but the actual changes themselves (a fine point, but an important one) in any and all structures, rules, and boundaries related to Capricorn and the House containing transiting Pluto, as well as the House it rules natally, in the chart.

So, it’s the changes that the individual responds to that go on to create even further change, new rules, new boundaries, new structures, that help shape the individuality and allow harmonious interaction with factors from which one once remained separate, and the Full Moon events comment on this: we see some conclusion related to integration of disparate elements that’s either practical, draws criticism, or in either positive or negative form is a kind of ‘harvest’ (which is simply the result of what’s been ‘planted’ previously). This Full Moon may reveal what we have constructed from our own unique sensibilities in response to changes in the rules and structures within which we normally function. We have made it work, as Mr. Gunn says, though it hasn’t been easy (or perhaps not–we may simply take a pounding–the Fist); but with this FM event we get an answer that acts as a conclusion: to a dream, to a lie, to a desire, and from there we must determine our next step.