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Csontváry Kosztka, Tivadar - Pilgrimage to the Cedars of Lebanon c1900 {{PD}}

Csontváry Kosztka, Tivadar – Pilgrimage to the Cedars of Lebanon c1900 {{PD}}

What makes the get-together of Merc and Neptune so special is the novile of both to Uranus; what gets lit up, as if it’s shot into the air with fireworks, or hit by lightning? Are we drunk ourselves with inspiration or dreams, or do we drink in the lies or dreams of another, sacrificing our own thoughts to theirs? Do our group involvements or individual initiative support our creative ideas, or are we too rebellious, erratic in effort, or insistent on originality to respect and successfully manifest our inspirations? Communications come through a haze of distortion or spirituality or altered states of consciousness or deception; we are left to sort the truth from fancy and fake.

There are other influences on the 10th, too: hurt infests our awareness and our sanctuaries, and the social scene and reality picture is harsh, seemingly at odds with our needs and priorities. Those in charge take their allies for granted, and those too fond of ‘the rules’ may lose sight of what they find sacred, as they pursue conformity or restriction. Rather than seeking escape, or whining about it, or getting lost in the fog, we need to firmly embrace a healing stance; allow no other attitude, and you can make excellent progress, in surprising, unique, or unexpected ways, toward your dreams (Sun conjoins Chiron, Jupiter contra-parallel Juno, Vesta sesq Saturn and parallel Sedna and nov Chiron)

Today’s word image is a person who is deaf, not by affliction, but by choice. The sheer Will it takes to shut out the world is astounding; we can all fail to listen, at times–but it’s disrespectful to ourselves and others to have an ability and to consciously, consistently, and deliberately refuse to use it. Invariably, the person who fails to listen does so hoping to gain something–to ignore the inevitable, to avoid responsibility, to demand more attention as others are forced to repeat themselves. Do you want to play that game? I don’t.

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