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Auguste Renoir - Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette 1875 {{PD}}

Auguste Renoir – Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette 1875 {{PD}}

We may confront our own changing ideas and estimations of the worth of people, things, and activities in our lives, and find that indeed, we have complete power to change our relationship to them; let values already established, and the ideals we carry surrounding home and mate, be our guide. Awareness of a kind of complete authority we hold comes to us; so does the power to attract Love and Money, to imagine and create what we desire, and to deal with all those things we’ve been putting off handling, of late. These are heady times–make the most of the power you’re being handed, and learn to control what’s already manifest within–you’re what shapes the future (Vesta nov SN, Pluto sxt Ceres, Venus enters Pisces and parallels Ceres, Merc parallel Neptune, Sun qnx Black Moon Lilith)

Today’s word image is a snake just beginning to reveal itself as children play in the grass at a picnic. Often the image of a child is used to represent innocence, but since we are born whole individuals, with characteristics and personalities shaped by, rather than formed from, our experiences, I’m more inclined to see a child as someone whose attitudes, values, and outlook are still forming, immature only in the sense that they are inexperienced within the current environment. So, what’s sneaking up on you, that you’ve not yet given adequate attention? It isn’t necessarily negative; it could be facts or knowledge (commonly represented by a snake); it could also be something or someone moving stealthily, hoping not to draw attention until they’re ready to strike. Look around–you’ll spot it if you do.

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