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'Night Scene' Carl Rudolph Krafft (1884 - 1938) {{PD}}

‘Night Scene’ Carl Rudolph Krafft (1884 – 1938) {{PD}}

Leading up to the Full Moon on the 20th we have only the Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn and novile the South Node perfecting. This may turn our attention to everything within the reality picture that needs to be changed or attended to, especially things that have been waiting for correction or modification for some time. Mistakes of the past may loom large; take this as a way to inform the present, to keep from losing sight of the need for order and restraint, for a plan; this also emphasizes how great an impact we can have on our physical world (Saturn).

The Full Moon is on the 21st at 10:22 PM Pacific time, and falls at 2 Scorpio 30 in out-of-sign trine to a 29 degree Pallas–and we may be digging deep, wondering how smart our choices are; they seem to be made under stress, especially under the pressure or scrutiny of the group (Pallas in Aquarius)–and with the Lunar event, we are left with the results of those choices.

Or, are we forced by the Full Moon events to make split-second or difficult choices? Again, we are unsure how wise what we are doing really is. Our lack of certainty is echoed by the FM’s quincunx to Ceres; this suggests we question our own authority, our ability to exert our power or reach, and our ability to negotiate for our own well-being and for the protection of those for whom we are responsible. We feel strong, but aren’t sure of ourselves–and that takes a mental toll, making us question what we would otherwise know to be wise or practical.

The Full Moon Sabian is, ‘A House-Raising Party In A Small Village Enlists The Neighbors’ Cooperation’ This implies that the Full Moon event may show us the necessity of cooperation. Everyone converges on a single spot, in order to build something; it’s constructive activity, both literally and in spirit, and is the main thrust of the Full Moon message: that despite our feelings of uncertainty, and our fears that we are being unwise or impractical in our choices, the way forward is to unite. This offers not just the aid of others, but a kind of balance in reflection: we can bounce our choices off others in order to gauge whether we are being reasonable or not. Together, whether with a partner or a whole village, we can do the positive and appropriate thing.

Full Moon in Scorpio April 2016

For a Full Moon we always look at the Sun Sabian, which is, ‘Natural Steps Lead To A Lawn Of Clover In Bloom’ We have reached this point naturally; the Full Moon brings, not an anomaly, but the predictable result of our past direction. Now we discover the nature of those past choices, and what they produced (the lawn of clover in bloom).

Non-Lunar influences for the day mostly involve the mentality and a few caveats: don’t take restrictions on your personal reach as deliberately hurtful; don’t look to money or partners to make you powerful; and keep thinking aligned with reality, positive and productive in nature, and focused on the future (Chiron sesq Juno, Venus contra-parallel Ceres, Merc contra-parallel Saturn and Pluto and trine the NN)

Johann Friedrich Anthing {{PD}}

Johann Friedrich Anthing {{PD}}

The image up to the Full Moon is a small tree, just transplanted, that is washed out of the ground by a sudden rainstorm. Sometimes things with a great deal of promise are cut short by unfortunate circumstances. The best approach is to mourn the lost potential, and to accept that sometimes no matter how well we prepare, the situation just doesn’t offer what’s needed to thrive. Let go of the regret you feel about some loss that was actually unavoidable, but which you may still believe you could’ve prevented.

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