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'Bees & Cardoon Flower' Photo By Rod Waddington from Kergunyah, Australia Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

‘Bees & Cardoon Flower’ Photo
By Rod Waddington from Kergunyah, Australia Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

First, I have a word image for the 5th: two bees push each other inside a flower, eager for nectar and pollen. This may be internal–two parts of the Self, especially the psyche, in conflict over which gets your active attention, which is ‘fed’–or external–you compete with someone else over a finite supply of energy or sustenance. In either case, we must recognize that, though the Universal ‘supply’ is limitless, our personal one may have its boundaries, and this is especially so if we’re talking about personal supplies of energy or resources. Don’t be distracted by struggle–instead simply make a choice, and don’t impose on yourself a judgment (that is, guilt) for choosing as you do–it’s your right to spend your energy as you want.

Venus and the Sun finally perfect their meeting in Gemini today, the 6th, marking their Superior (that is, direct motion of Venus) Conjunction, a once-every-18-months event. This can be seen as the inception point of a new cycle of Venus in relation to the energy that drives all life–and so marks a gentle shift, in this case, in the way we think about (Gemini) Venusian subjects like relationships, Love, diplomacy, and Money. In 9 months Venus will once again retrograde (in Aries), and what we might notice at that point is the way our thinking has changed in the life areas signified by the House in the natal chart where the turnaround occurs–but I digress (or is that pro-gress?)

What we see and realize today is heightened through the excessive harmony the Sun and Venus enjoy; they double up, and we find our consciousness is in perfect agreement with our values and our thinking, so that we may feel extremely confident, emboldened to make adjustments to the power matrix or to institute change, to pursue ambitions and desires, and to deal with, probably obliquely, matters too long ignored or denied (and though it likely won’t be pleasant, dealing with these matters will be more than worthwhile) (Venus conjoins and is parallel the Sun, and both are quincunx Pluto, trine Zeus, and sesquiquadrate Black Moon Lilith)

In case you missed it, here’s the outlook for the New Moon of the 4th and remember, the Grand Cross (see previous posts) is still in effect all day today, the 6th.

From the B. O. T. A. Tarot

From the B. O. T. A. Tarot

Word image for the 6th is a black tower standing in a grassy field. This brings to mind the Tower card of the Tarot, a highly Plutonian image associated with catastrophic change outside the reach of the individual. What it may suggest is that, in the midst of the confidence and energy we are likely to enjoy today, we may be wise to remember we’re not in control of the Universe, but only ourselves, and that means things unforeseen can still occur; remaining aware of this possibility may only be wise.

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