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Dante Gabriel Rossetti: Beata Beatrix, ca 1864-70 {{PD}}

Dante Gabriel Rossetti: Beata Beatrix, ca 1864-70 {{PD}}

The worst thing is that, if our response to Friday’s influences (especially that lingering pressure of the Saturn-Neptune square) isn’t thoroughly processed, we may end up taking actions or making choices that are at least very serious, in terms of their implications or repercussions, and possibly devastatingly destructive–and this may lead to a mindset that is disconnected in important ways from the reality picture. Our choice of whether to allow a dream to dissolve, or to move on giving it form and structure, is not the determining factor–neither choice is superior–the whole thing rests on whether we actually make a choice. We may think we have time to ponder, or that we can take a more passive stance and the ‘right’ thing will simply come into being, but that is abdication of the very power that we must embrace in order to use Saturn-Neptune in the most positive way–and in abdicating our power, we invite external sources of power, in the form of others and their Will, or the impulses of chaos and helplessness, to wreak havoc, or at least really really mess things up.

Suffrage_universelIf we have accepted that challenge to make a definitive statement around the dream, a Yea or Nay to going forward, then our weekend will be pleasant and possibly mildly eventful, with a few surprises, a revelation or two about our own egos and values, and a resulting placidity of mind that reflects a sense of all right within our world (no matter what’s happening on the rest of the globe). If we have failed to take a specific direction, we may find that circumstances offer empowerment, but only at the price of seriously distorting our values and priorities, and/ or that the group or ‘being unique’ may ask some very uncomfortable things of us that violate our own precepts or world view. Peace requires acknowledgment of and engagement with reality (that is, the agreed-upon common reality)–everything else breeds discord, and attracts ‘accident’.

Evelyn de Morgan - 'Phosphorus and Hesperus', (1881)

Evelyn de Morgan – ‘Phosphorus and Hesperus’, (1881) {{PD}}

I’ve noticed lately that individuals seem to be Self-separating into the two facets of the square: there are those who are dealing very effectively with reality (and having serious, concrete successes because of this) and those who are not, with the range from totally delusional to a troublesome lack of perspective on the Self and the world. If you are currently mired in disappointed hopes, are finding the world wrong and yourself right, or lamenting either how misunderstood you are or how foolish everyone else is, you may be wrapped tightly in the Neptunian side of the equation; if you are acknowledging your fears, the harshness (and joys!) of the world, and are doing something about them, then you are embracing the Saturnian side of things–and right now, getting down with Saturn is the most productive place to be (Vesta sesq Juno, Mars parallel Pluto and qnx Uranus, Mercury semi-sq Uranus and contra-parallel Saturn)

Saturday’s word image is a billiard ball. An odd thing, as on its own it’s really meaningless–it’s only when you have a table and cues and many other balls that this item gains real meaning. Maybe this is a reminder that ourselves and our lives are simply part of a much larger ‘game’, urging modesty in assessing our impact or judging the importance of other components. Or maybe it’s an admonition to take those Saturnian steps, to assemble what’s needed to create meaningful play–which is what occurs when we combine Saturn and Neptune in appropriate ways.

ranz Müller-Münster: Stürmen und Drängen 1902 {{PD}}

Franz Müller-Münster: Stürmen und Drängen 1902 {{PD}}

Sunday’s word image is the ghost in the machine. What’s haunting you? Or is it some energy that seems to infest an effort or a process that should be easily controlled? Or is this something within the mentality that’s exerting an unwanted effect? Whatever form it takes, what does it tell you must be acknowledged, before your ‘machine’ will be ghost-free?

Have a wonderful, ghost-free weekend!