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Edgar Germain Hilaire Degas 1874 {{PD}}

Edgar Germain Hilaire Degas 1874 {{PD}}

FBI Announcement of No Charges Against Hillary + Juno!

Just a few astro-points: at the time of the announcement of the FBI recommendation of no charges, the Moon was Void-of-Course at 29 degrees of Cancer–and also moving to square her natal Juno at 29+ Libra (this does not negate the Void, as only planets and lights are classically considered to determine Voids). We’re seeing the worst (the square) about this Juno figure (Clinton, with Juno suggesting power, status, and, yes, an identity as the ‘wronged wife’) and what we learn is not going to amount to anything (the Void). As an aside, she also has Black Moon Lilith at 29 Capricorn natally, suggesting life long tension surrounding secrets or matters ignored or denied, and perhaps a perpetual state of feeling angry and wronged, particularly in regard to ‘the rules’–and considering this is opposed her natal Vesta in Cancer, any time she stands up for her priorities or looks to further her highest values (she has done significant work promoting accessible health care for children), difficult forces come out of the woodwork to oppose her–or so it seems to her.

In glancing at her chart and today’s transits, we note Chiron and Mars fill in a Water Grand Trine with her natal Vesta=actions and choices easily either hurt or heal the values and to what she dedicates her energies–so people may either forgive the choices or permanently condemn her for them, but in any case, it’s a conclusion largely driven by emotion (Water); the Earth quincunxes her natal Pluto-Mars in 10th of career and public image (and if we consider the transiting South Node, we make her Mars-Pluto apex to a Finger of God)=we are offered the deep down dirt, the material results of both behavior and investigation laid bare, and there’s an implication that we must adjust our ideas to fit the reality–the result is a purge, a deconstruction of actions and choices; we also see the Moon at the time of announcement within orb of trine to her natal Jupiter, ruler of her Whole Sign 2nd=no matter what you think of Ms. Clinton, the details offered by FBI Director Comey speak of her Self-worth, Self-image, personal assets, talents, general way of seeing herself within the larger context of the world (all 2nd House)–so see her, and judge her, as you will.

P.S. Somehow I left out the most obvious part: t Juno will by the 26th conjoin Hillary’s Sun, and is already within orb in its current position. Is it any surprise she’s prevailing at this point?

Here’s something I wrote on the Clintons in the past.

Here's Juno, telling someone what to do. Antonio Randa (Italy, 1577-1650) ' Juno and King Aeolus at the Cave of Winds' {{PD}}

Here’s Juno, telling someone what to do. Antonio Randa (Italy, 1577-1650) ‘ Juno and King Aeolus at the Cave of Winds’ {{PD}}

And speaking of Juno, the Juno probe has arrived and begun its orbit of Jupiter: here are details on the mission itself. And Jude Cowell gives us some insight.

Symbolically speaking we’re seeing the uniting of a couple, two gods ‘marrying’, intending at least for a time to communicate and ‘live together’. Despite all the clashes that followed their return to Olympus, Juno and Jupiter were initially very happy together, enjoying a 300 year honeymoon corresponding to the time they stayed away from their home turf and the other gods. This is an interesting thing to consider: how good is a relationship, really, if it only thrives in a rarefied, isolated environment?

Notes on the 6th of July 2016

We can enjoy some extraordinary luck today, unusual, even magical experiences, ‘breaks’, and serendipities, as long as we are flexible and open to changes in the blink of an eye, able to go with sudden developments and innovations. Surprises may arise from past choices, and cooperation may hit a high point, with male-female relations exceptionally smooth–each play their hand and the other likes it–also look for the ways you can take advantage of easy alignment of matters in the Houses ruled by Venus and Mars. For instance, if you have Aries on the 3rd, Taurus on the 4th, and Libra on the 9th it might be the perfect day to schedule a test or home inspection, to sign a contract for work on the home or involving real estate, to re-enroll in school or a home-study course, or it could be a good time to make plans to travel to see family at a distance.

The Sun and Mercury meet in Superior (direct motion for Mercury) Conjunction, bringing a minor cycle seeded at the Inferior Conjunction (around 10 May) to a conclusion. Whatever may have begun at that time reaches its apex–and ends, wraps up, or proves untenable, making it clear we should move on (Uranus nov SN, Venus trine Mars, Sun conj Merc)

Duckling by Bruno Liljefors 1903 {{PD}}

Duckling by Bruno Liljefors 1903 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a duckling alone on a pond. We may be experiencing a sense of loneliness, of abandonment, or of vulnerability, as if in some important area or way we are too ‘young’ to handle our present environment. Realize everything holds risk, but to focus on that is crippling; instead work at stretching your wings, and staying alert.