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By Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach - 'Der Rettung Entgegen' 1913 {{PD}}

By Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach – ‘Der Rettung Entgegen’ 1913 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: We’re well into Dark of the Moon, that three day period prior to the New Moon when the Lunar light is absent, effectively removing our symbolic connection to the passing of time–and it’s this sense of timelessness that we should be mindful of right now. Particularly in that final 24 hours before the New Moon, we may find turning inward more natural than turning outward, and aligning our inner life with our outer one especially difficult, as they seem to be so disconnected. That means that meditation, contemplation, revery, creativity, and seeking the vision are all especially effective now, while activities with a purely external focus don’t get the attention they need, and so don’t go as well as they could. Add to this Mars at 29 Scorpio, and we have the potential for a lot of compulsive or poorly thought out actions and choices, prior to the Mars entry into Sagittarius (and Mars moves into Sagittarius only about two hours before perfection of the New Moon, suggesting that the impulse to act may come forward before the intention, the ‘why’, becomes clear). Perhaps a note to the Self reminding us that though the inner life and viewpoint seem to be of ultimate importance, even more ‘real’, during this period, we are still physical beings in a material world, so measured activity and some caution is advised.

'Le Bec de Gaz - Nuit bleue' Henri Le Sidaner 1905 {{PD}}

‘Le Bec de Gaz – Nuit bleue’ Henri Le Sidaner 1905 {{PD}}

It’s the perfect time to reach emotional balance, specifically by getting clear within our own minds on what we are dedicated to, where we are empowered to act effectively, and by following the wisdom that exists internally and that is externally offered. It’s in being sure within ourselves of where we want to spend our energy and time, and how we can best exercise our prerogatives, that we find guidance toward the smart choice, or the practical one, and so insure we have the desired impact.

If we align our mentality too closely to material matters, we may find ourselves hurting, particularly through relationships or financial matters, and it’s almost guaranteed we won’t understand why–the tendency will be to blame others or circumstances, rather than see that our own viewpoint needs adjustment (Water Grand Trine of Vesta-Juno-Pallas, Mercury at the midpoint of Vesta-Juno and opp Pallas, Merc trine Ceres, Venus qnx Chiron, Sun sesq Chiron and trine Saturn)

Mihail Simonidi (1870 - 1933) - Reverie pe malul lacului {{PD}}

Mihail Simonidi (1870 – 1933) – Reverie pe malul lacului {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a swan. Distilling the many meanings and associations of a swan, we see them as symbols of purity, associated with Venus, and linked to music. Look for the ‘swan element’ within your life, those things that represent beauty, purity, and the pure sensory enjoyment that comes from the Venusian aesthetic, especially through music–or just watch for swans, alerting you to synchronicities ahead.

For those born with the Sun at 10 Leo: early in your ‘new year’ you may feel emotionally confused, cut off from the feeling nature by real or imagined barriers, but soon enough you adjust, chiefly by realizing that it’s your own creative energy that’s distorting your perceptions–and that energy needs a solid outlet for expression. This may be your quest this year: to find the ‘perfect’ expressive mode for either your artistic or spiritual Beingness–everything else may take a back seat, until such expression is found. Good luck, Leo, and Happy Birthday!

Have a great start to your week!