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A Summer Shower, by Charles Edward Perugini 1888 {{PD}}

A Summer Shower, by Charles Edward Perugini 1888 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence of the 17th and 18th, and the Lunar Essence of the Full Moon in Aquarius: Leading up to the Full Moon we are faced with a question: Are we changed by Love, Money, or secrets revealed about values or assets, or are we the agent of change in areas of Love, in finances, in the keeping or spilling of secrets, or in recognizing a change in our values, and so changing how we relate? Since Earth signs are involved (Venus trine Pluto), we should expect a material, or at least tangible, impact; we may be ‘undone’, with some Venusian aspect of life devastated, destroyed, or transformed (don’t panic, this may be a good thing!) This fundamental change sets the stage for the conclusion, end, or completion associated with the Full Moon, 2:25 AM PDT of the 18th at 25 Aquarius 51. This is a near miss, an almost eclipse, and the impact we feel may be as much the Venus-Pluto aspect that precedes the Lunar event (as it leaves us reeling and yet unsure of what hit us) as it is the pull of the Full Moon itself.

This Full Moon, along with Uranus, forms the base for a Finger of God, with apex Jupiter. Should we also include Mercury, which is conjoined Jupiter and within orb of Uranus, but not the Full Moon? It’s a tough call, but I’m inclined to say Yes, as proximity to the other elements of the Finger means Mercurial energy will enter in some form–it just may not be what it seems. That is, we may believe we have come by rational means to a concluding belief, decision to expand, teach, or learn, or concerning a social role (Jupiter)–but the mind may simply be a means of translating our perceptions at the level of Higher Mind (Uranus) that is revealed through events of this Aquarian FM. This suggests it may be Higher Mind inspired feeling (Aquarius Moon) that is really running the show, not the cogitations of our limited, trapped-in-three-dimensions brains. Awareness of this will make us more open to spontaneity and give us confidence in our own choices (both Uranus in Aries) and this in turn allows a more attuned experience than does being overly-focused on our thinking and the illusion of control this inevitably gives.

Different fingers. Pink Sherbet Photography from USA - 'Happy Finger Friends Love' by D Sharon Pruitt     CC BY 2.0

Different fingers. Pink Sherbet Photography from USA – ‘Happy Finger Friends Love’ by D Sharon Pruitt CC BY 2.0

Too, let’s note the way Chiron is caught at the midpoint of the Finger’s base; since the opposition with Jupiter is separating, the implication may be that the dynamic of the Finger begins with a wound, or with an instance of healing, that then spurs the Higher Mind understanding that melds with the FM event to offer that Jupiterian result.

The Full Moon is also apex to a loose Fist of God (or Thor’s Hammer, for you Vikings) with base of Vesta and Hygeia. This may take us further back in time, to where an instance or pattern of not honoring our health (the Cardinal square between Vesta and Hygeia) helps bring about the Full Moon event–which, as you know, is likely to be related to matters of the House where the Full Moon falls.

A novile is formed by the Full Moon to Pluto, and the Sun/ Earth-Moon axis squares Sedna, creating a T-square. A sense of rebellion from what is instinctual may combine with a deep urge toward destruction and change–this makes a kind of engine for the configurations to run on, generating some deep conflict and energizing our embrace of change. We may reject or find unacceptable our usual, unprocessed response, and the conflict this engenders, along with an advantageous glimpse of what things might be like with the upsetting factors gone, eliminated, or reformed, is enough to make all the rest spring into action.

 Elefantino di Giulia Orecchia Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

Elefantino di Giulia Orecchia Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

And now we need to examine the elephant in the room. Her name is Pallas, and she’s conjoined the Full Moon in Aquarius. This suggests that everything involved with the Full Moon is a measure or test of our wisdom and practicality, as well as our skills and ability to apply them. This theme will loom large, and yet we won’t necessarily be seeing events, feelings, urges, and our responses to them as a test-taking or assessment–that only comes later, when the conclusion that is unavoidable with a Full Moon event makes it clear we wound up where we are because of what we consider smart, what we know, and how practical our ultimate orientation.

The Sabian symbol for 26 Aquarius (remember, we read up) is, ‘A Garage Man Testing A Car’s Battery With A Hydrometer’. This emphasizes the mechanism of testing, which we’ve already discussed. A battery is Uranian, while the hydrometer points toward the importance of feeling and so the Water signs involved: Chiron in Pisces, and one part of the Fist base, in Cancer. Both these signs are volatile emotionally, at least in part because the barriers between the individual and the Collective/ Others is blurred, even as we ‘test’ it from our own unique expressions of Will and viewpoint (Uranus in Aries). This could imply that if we are having a hard time processing our own feelings surrounding this FM, we may divert our emotions into a Big Picture expression, one that allows us to express but doesn’t risk quite so much emotional exposure, even to ourselves.

We also look at the Sun’s Sabian with a Full Moon, simply because it is the origin of all light, and so enables perception. ‘After The Heavy Storm, A Rainbow’. So, whatever troubles are stirred at this time, we can be assured it’s for the good, or at the very least, that it will all work out positively.

The only aspects not addressed by the FM are Venus’ contra-parallel to Zeus and parallel to the North Node; these add a flavor of drama, wherein relationships, values, or finances push back on our ambitions, and where we struggle to reconcile wants with maintenance of what we care about. It’s easy to see that this will add tension to the feeling nature, and again make us work to figure things out, rather than allowing Higher Mind to possess us for a time.

(Perfecting on respective days: Venus trine Pluto/ Pallas sesq Hygeia, Venus contra-parallel Zeus and parallel NN, Sun sq Sedna)

Odilon Redon - L'oeuf 1884 {{PD}}

Odilon Redon – L’oeuf 1884 {{PD}}

The word image for both days is a peeled, hard-boiled egg. We’re always talking about ‘potential’, especially in terms of our own lives and our own creativity. An egg is potential itself, but hard-boiling it captures potential and turns it into solid mass; it is what it is, at that moment–there’s no more room for development. The events of this Full Moon may show us that certain things can no longer remain (at least in our minds) in that state of potential; they will have already hardened, taken shape, and so must be accepted, used, dealt with as they are.

For those born with the Sun at 25 Leo: speaking of potential, you are fairly bursting with it–but what you need to know is that making the most of it won’t come easily: you will be tempted to fight every instinct and the deep, rhythmic primordial knowledge of life itself as it attempts to guide and inform you. Why would you resist that? It could be that you’ve come to believe too strongly in your own individuality; it’s time to acknowledge that there are forces out there bigger than you, and that they want to help. Good luck, Leo, and Happy Birthday!

Olaus Magnus 1555 {{PD}}

Olaus Magnus 1555 {{PD}}

For those born with the Sun at 26 Leo: a lot of things have come to an end recently, and you move into a new emotional ‘day’, with all the optimism that can offer. You’ve learned a great deal; we could say you’ve become wise, from all you’ve experienced. It’s time to take what you know and apply it in the smartest way possible; all that you know will coalesce to create a kind of ‘magic touch’ that, with even minimal effort, will manifest exactly what you’re aiming for. Good luck, Leo, and Happy Birthday!

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Full Moon in Aquarius August 18 2016