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Le café de nuit (The Night Café) by Vincent van Gogh {{PD}}

Le café de nuit (The Night Café) by Vincent van Gogh {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: What’s smart beckons us (or leads us by the nose) into the future; we don’t fix on what we want, on our ambitions, as we usually would, but instead put our attention on the unique, the surprising, the original, and the unexpected–and all these, as well, will turn us in the direction of what’s wise for us to pursue. If we listen to relationships or are too literally bound by the current financial situation, we may miss our chance, and if we fail to tune in to the atmosphere sufficiently, we will be left with only our own thoughts, which are a little too angry, bleak, or centered on what we’d rather deny to be of much help (Pallas parallel the NN, contra-parallel Zeus, sxt Uranus, and sesq Venus, Merc semi-sq Black Moon Lilith)

Today’s word image is the cue ball on a pool table. Essentially, the cue ball is the thing we hit, hoping to transfer the energy to our true target and send it into the chosen pocket. Are you going at achieving some goal obliquely, hoping you can ‘hit’ or interact with one thing, and make another thing happen? Consider that indirect transfer removes you from any real control over where or how your energy is used once it leaves the initial point of contact (I know, this is getting abstract); it can be a form of faith, if we trust the Universe, or it can be hope, a kind of passive optimism that doesn’t acknowledge we have expectations, but no control. Know where your boundaries really lie, be cognizant of the way actions can reverberate through the choices of others, and if you want something to happen, do what you can to make it happen yourself–that’s both your best chance to exert control, and to get things the way you want them.

For those born with the Sun at 13 Virgo: you are well on your way, having launched (whether you know it or not) a number of efforts and sent yourself in particular directions in the near past–and now you must consider the ways you have set in motion, how they are changing, even transforming, your reality, and how they may honor (or fail to honor) those matters you really care about. It’s part of the human condition that the beginnings of things aren’t always obvious to us; this coming year, through to your next birthday, you may need to sort through both your intended do-overs and new starts, and the ones that came unbidden out of your actions and choices: you’ll need to fine tune things, and decide which will grow into new circumstances and focus for your life, and which need to be stopped before they get any larger. Good luck, Virgo, and Happy Birthday!

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