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'Portrait of Maria Bockenolle' Rembrandt 1633 {{PD}}

There’s a certain kind of zeal here, with a particular purpose. ‘Portrait of Maria Bockenolle’ Rembrandt 1633 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: we go after what we want, headlong, and the mind is (surprisingly for a retro period) easily and perfectly in tune with the instincts (that is, aligned, and so informative, as long as we don’t insert the Will and overthink). We see the power picture clearly, and have plenty of energy (even zeal) to put behind our own efforts to gain influence and achieve; we also see clearly what needs to (nay, must) change, and we are also aware of the inevitability of evolution–nothing is static, nothing stays the same, and having that perspective brings gravitas to our actions and choices. If you observe someone behaving frivolously (not lightly or playfully, but in a manner that is almost destructive in its disregard for purpose) then you know that person is disconnected from the anchor of their own instinctual nature–and may act as a drag on your forward progress, should you include them in your action scenario at this time (Mars sxt Zeus, Merc trine Sedna, semi-sq Juno, and parallel Venus, Sun trine Pluto)

Of note: a Mystic Rectangle that involves the Sun-Earth axis and the opposition of Pluto and Vesta. This suggests the majority of our attention and energy should go toward making change or reformation that better honors our priorities or those life areas to which we’re dedicated or that we find sacred. For each person this will require a slightly different formula, but the overall intent is the same: reform to what has a significant impact on our lives will be much easier now than in the future–take advantage of the moment.

Here’s someone whose story encapsulates the influences of today

'Mlle. Plume Roug' 1896 Thomas Austen Brown {{PD}}

What do you think her hat says? ‘Mlle. Plume Rouge’ 1896 Thomas Austen Brown {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a hat. What kind of hat do you immediately visualize? Whatever it is, you need to assess it. The kind of hat one might wear to work in, to keep the sun out of eyes and from burning skin, is quite different than a fascinator, or skull cap, or a top hat, or dozens of other more decorative or formal chapeaux. What does the hat say about your attitude? Answer that, and then consider that what you need might be a little more of the hat’s opposite vibe. For instance, if you see a cowboy hat and you see it as a work hat, you may need more play; but if you see that hat as belonging to a kind of costume, you may need to let go of some image you are trying to fit and/ or project; or if you see that hat as representing self-serving aggression (“cowboy diplomacy”) then you may want to take a more diplomatic and less assertive tack in interactions; and if you see the cowboy image as one that implies the individual is poorly educated or stupid, then you may need to reassess assumptions you’re making about one or more ‘groups’. Tailor that kind of assessment to the hat you see.

For those born with the Sun at 14 Virgo: taking action may be more difficult than you anticipate this year; each time you go to make a move, you may find something changing the landscape or pulling the rug from under you, necessitating a re-working of intents and methods. This may be very frustrating, but there are a couple of things you can do to make things go more smoothly: 1) make necessary changes before they’re forced upon you; you’ll find you have a lot more control that way, and that most of what you’re faced with will eventually have been inevitable, anyway, 2) make sure you don’t do anything without first vetting choices against your highest values and priorities–you may be telling yourself they won’t be affected, but they will, and 3) recognize that the time to plan for the future is over–the future is now! Good luck, Virgo, and Happy Birthday!

Thank you, and enjoy your Tuesday!