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'Angel of Love' Eligiusz Niewiadomski c1900 {{PD}}

‘Angel of Love’ Eligiusz Niewiadomski c1900 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: We can’t rely on our instincts (relationships and/ or finances throw off our compass), and though the reality picture is clear, we may be prone to lie to ourselves, or to superimpose an image of what we wish the reality was, so that we may feel we can’t trust our own senses to deliver the complete, unadulterated story–and that’s correct, we can’t. If we can just use the lens of Love (of a purity that asks nothing from others) then we will know what to do, how to face things, and what is really important right now (Venus sesq Sedna, sxt Saturn, and qnx Neptune)

Today’s word image takes a lot of particular forms, but has a broad theme of ‘foreign (as in, from somewhere far away from what’s familiar to you) and unusual’. Take note of these elements in your life right now (for me a Himalayan salt block used for cooking and a spam phone call from Egypt–Egypt!–come to mind from just the past few hours). I think this may be about appreciating how small the world has become, in some ways, and so how much more closely aligned the interests of various pockets of humanity are than we might think–and how long our reach has become, thanks to air travel, global shipping, communications systems, and of course, the internet (not to mention the way more negative things, like environmental pollution, are ‘shared’, whether we like it or not). The point may be to notice how much is part of our lives that, in the past, wouldn’t have been, and to focus on one of these factors, for what it might say about our relationship to the larger world.

Bodegón de naranjas by Rafael Romero Barros 1862 {{PD}}

Bodegón de naranjas by Rafael Romero Barros 1862 {{PD}}

Or, the word image can be an orange (the fruit, that just happens to be one that grows in only certain climates, and that for many was quite exotic, until only recently), if you need something more image-evocative.

For those born with the Sun at 15 Virgo: it’s time to get your ‘power’ house in order, Virgo; now, through to your next birthday, you’ll be dealing with issues of who and what will exert a force in your life–and depending on your initiative and responses, you will decide how much of your own power you embrace, share, express, and let others see. The one reliable that can guide you through all this is your highest values, those things and people and causes to which you are committed; if you measure your power choices against these values, and make sure what you choose honors what you care about, you’ll do very very well. Good luck, Virgo, and Happy Birthday!

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