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By Émile Friant - {{PD}}

‘The Boating Party’ or ‘Reunion of the Meurthe Boating Party’, by Émile Friant – {{PD}}

The Lunar Essence: With the Full Moon in Aries at 23 Aries 14 occurring at 9:23 PM Pacific daylight time, we see the threesome of Earth-Moon-Uranus in a less than one degree span opposed the Libra Sun, which is sesquiquadrate Neptune. The Full Moon itself of course forms a semi-square to Neptune, and is as stated conjoined Uranus and widely conjoined Ceres, the latter of which sits at 29 degrees of the Moon’s sign, adding stress through the actions of Nature or authorities. The Full Moon is also quincunx Juno, and makes a wide square to Vesta, which we should count as the swift-moving Moon races toward, rather than away from, aspect completion, with this square creating a T-square with the Sun/ Earth-Moon-Uranus axis (but even more closely aspecting Ceres, as both Vesta and Ceres sit at 29 degrees), adding even more stress. It’s notable, too, that this Sun is also parallel both Juno and Neptune, suggesting that just observing, just seeing (the light of the Sun) can empower and make the dream, whatever that may be for the individual, a very realistic possibility.

full-moon-in-aries-october-2016So what do we get from this Full Moon? Why stress, of course! But from what source? We reach a peak of involvement with, rejection of, rebellion from, or original and innovative cooperation with ‘the group’, and this brings us to a point of ‘energy crisis’ in terms of our own power and authority, our priorities and those things we honor, and with how closely the results align with what we imagine is ideal, as well as how we feel about this resulting real-world arrangement. It’s a point of radical enlightenment, as we see quite clearly the personal power situation and the role we can play in the larger scenario, and these are revealed within the microcosm of a single interactive situation; we assess this real-life situation, and see beyond it (into the Uranian future, if you will) to what larger role we can play, title we can claim, or area where we can accomplish.

There are both stresses that are not under our conscious control, such as Mother Nature, exerting herself through things like weather and our own biology, and stresses within areas where we have exerted ourselves, tried to gain empowerment or authority, tried to commit to those matters that are most important to us. The Vestal energies of dedication, commitment, and the sacred must resolve against those Ceres energies of power expression, authority, and knowing and controlling our ‘domain’, and this is done through Ceres’ own mechanism of negotiation, an internal discussion that happens within the individual psyche that is acted out in real-world arenas. We see what adjustments, compromises, and alterations are required for ‘the dream’ to become reality, with the light of the Full Moon showing us exactly where and how we are empowered to make it happen.

Wiosna w Gościeradzu (Spring in Gościeradz)  by Leon Wyczółkowski {{PD}}

Wiosna w Gościeradzu (Spring in Gościeradz) by Leon Wyczółkowski {{PD}}

The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘Blown Inward By The Wind, The Curtains Of An Open Window Take The Shape Of A Cornucopia’. The FM event ‘opens a window’ that is either a time period of opportunity, or an ability to both see our goals clearly, and to know what the ‘fruits’ of our current direction will actually be, the latter allowing us to make needed adjustments to our actions and choices. The FM offers either feedback that illuminates our own effectiveness and true course, or the chance to make things happen, if we’ll only take the steps, or modify our path, a chance to affect things that didn’t exist until now.

'Butterflies', Wilhelm von Kaulbach, c1860 {{PD}}

‘Butterflies’, Wilhelm von Kaulbach, c1860 {{PD}}

We always look at the Sun for a Full Moon, as the source of the Full Moon’s light. ‘A Butterfly With A Third Wing On Its Left Side’ suggests nothing so much as fulfillment; that is, the result of what has incubated and emerged, now fully ready, developed, that holds all the promise invested in its preparation–and a third wing simply implies a resource, a kind of existential aid, akin to the Third Eye: there is something extra, unplanned but propitious, that offers information or assistance specifically useful to our goals. Lucky us, right?

The AstroEssence: There are only a few other influences at play for the 15th, and these may have us spending the time leading up to the Full Moon with our attention in places other than those that will be illuminated with the Lunar culmination. One is the way we might be weighing methods of healing against our own wounds, judging physical as well as mental and emotional situations for how healthy they might be; it’s an attempt to concentrate on hurts, to deal with them, but perhaps not to totally embrace what we know to be the healthy option. We’re trying to justify holding on to our wounds. It’s our thinking that’s encouraging the problem: we are obsessed with the dark, with how we’ve been wronged, with how others hold power over us, and in continuing to nurse our hurts it’s taking a (Self) destructive turn. Fortunately, though, what we’ll actually choose to do will be done with an eye to building the future–it’s just that we may not see how much better the future could be, if we could forgive, heal, let go (Chiron sesq Hygeia, Mercury sq Pluto, Mars trine NN)

For those born with the Sun at 23 Libra: It’s all about taking what’s new, modern, original in your world and making the most of it. The sudden, the surprising, the heartfelt facilitates accomplishment, and the smart move is to embrace them. The only thing we can count on is change, right? Oh, and death and taxes. But, this coming year should be more than a little positive and profitable for you, Libra, just as long as you conquer that crisis in confidence, and realize you can’t rule unless you’re willing to claim your territory. Good luck, and Happy Birthday!