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The New Moon in Scorpio is conjoined Mercury, sesquiquadrate Chiron, and trine Neptune. The Sun and Moon conjoined always brings a new start, sparks a beginning, or, as with the event in Scorpio, may see the inception of a mystery, something hidden away, something that presents an illusion or deception, or something we don’t immediately recognize or understand to be a beginning, perhaps because it seems to be destructive, a coming-apart or change. What you need to know is this may bring a dream to realization, eventually, once the healing we’ve been resisting is accomplished, but the New Moon brings only a hint of what’s to come, and possibly delivers it in a form that at first creates delusion, confusion, secrets, or that plunges us into the creative, and so puts us out of touch with the reality picture. We may literally dream it rather than experience it; it may be that it’s only later that the mind can draw the thread from this New Moon start to the eventual fulfillment of the dream, materialization of what was imagined, or to the active application of the ideals to the real-world scenario.

The Sabian symbol is, ‘A Calm Lake Bathed In Moonlight’. This suggests emotional calm (the calm lake) that allows the individual to receive the inspiration or intuition needed (the moonlight). The keyword here might be ‘receptivity’, not just an openness but a stillness that makes us capable of receiving the message without interfering noise or the impulse to immediately react to what’s offered. ‘Bathed’ suggests a Scorpionic immersion, even a kind of pre-verbal, womb state. Allowing ourselves this kind of immersive experience promises at least a start to any difficult healing we may need to undergo, and specifically may spark our initial move toward or awareness of the New Moon dream.

For those born with the Sun at 7 Scorpio: This year, through to your next birthday, will be one of active communication–but it’s up to you whether that will carry a big creative dream forward, whether it will result in a spiritual advance for yourself, or whether you might spend the entire time chasing an illusion, or perpetrating a deception. Good thing it’s up to you, right? Choose according to your ideals, and you should reach your next Solar Return with some version of a magnum opus–we should all be so lucky! Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!

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