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Hermann Fenner-Behmer {{PD}}

Hermann Fenner-Behmer {{PD}}

I’ve needed to prepare for surgery that I’m having on Monday (don’t worry, it’s not a life threatening issue), and so missed this weekend’s forecast, but do have a little something that covers the week ahead. I anticipate an extended recovery period, during which I don’t know how much I’ll be doing for the blog, and can’t promise when, and in what capacity, I’ll return. To those lovely Souls who set up a recurring donation: You may want to cancel, as you won’t be getting what you have been, but I do hope you’ll continue to visit here and find something of value in what I offer. I thank you so much for what you’ve done–your support has meant the world to me. And to all my readers, thank you! I hope you, too, will drop by from time to time. I know I will continue to write, I’m just not sure right now what form that will take.

What am I looking at, this coming week? A Water Grand Trine of Mars, Vesta, and Black Moon Lilith gets my attention. This suggests a highly expressive emotional experience that drives action; it’s almost a purging of those things that infuriate, humiliate, or that have been too long ignored (and it’s already in place this weekend, reflecting the Women’s Marches occurring all across the US). Black Moon Lilith can drive righteousness and a call for justice, and we need to be careful, in this Watery context, that we don’t confuse the two; a personal sense that we’re right doesn’t mean we are, or that what we want is necessarily just–but, and it’s a big one! Vesta’s involvement implies we will act only on those feelings that support our highest values and the commitments that embody them. It’s a recipe for the best kind of constructive high-mindedness, one that above all does no harm.

Sunday the 22nd: It’s all about the harsh realities surrounding Power–and perhaps the difficult realization that once one has it, it’s damn unlikely to be willingly shared or given up.

Monday the 23rd: Harsh feedback, from both the social sphere and personal contacts, may be prominent–but, those messages will be distorted in some way, and knowing that should tell us one important thing: Believe Actions, Rather Than Words.

Tuesday the 24th: Act According to What You Find Sacred. Act to make things right, and to pursue ambitions–both are healthy things to do.

Wednesday the 25th: Acting Empowered Brings Power. Well that’s simple. Sort of.

Thursday the 26th: Be Flexible–That’s How You Gain.

Friday the 27th: Confusion of values with hurt, and a hard-edged view of the reality picture, may prevail. The New Moon at 8 Aquarius 15 doesn’t make any close contacts, which suggests our new starts may first occur in the intellectual realm, as ideas, precepts, or a sudden understanding that can drive or inform later efforts. The result, then, is that in some important way, We Get It.

Word Image for the Week: A woman and a child who don’t know each other are out in public dressed exactly alike.

It's time to write some Herstory, ladies. Nikolaos Gyzis 1891 {{PD}}

It’s time to write some Herstory, ladies. Nikolaos Gyzis 1891 {{PD}}