My rejuvenation went swimmingly--just kidding! Photo by John D.

My rejuvenation went swimmingly–just kidding! Photo by John D.

Well not exactly brand new, and I have a long recovery ahead of me, but I thought I’d let everyone know things went well and I’m home. Though I returned home on Tuesday, I wasn’t able to (and still can’t) sit long at the computer. The funny thing was that in the hospital they had overflow surgical patients and I ended up, not on the frenetic surgery recovery wing, but in the tranquil confines of the maternity ward, where the above picture hung at the end of my bed and nary a sound was heard. I’ll be posting for the period through the 2nd of February later today, and will not be resuming the Daily anytime in the near future. Many thanks to all who sent me good thoughts, prayers, and loving kindness–it’s all very much appreciated, and certainly helped sustain me through an especially difficult night on the 23rd. xo jd