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'The Circus' George Bellows 1912 {{PD}}

‘The Circus’ George Bellows 1912 {{PD}}

Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) 10 February 2017 4:32 PM PST at 22 Leo 28

This eclipse occurs concurrent with and involved in several configurations: a Finger of God with base of Lunar eclipse-Jupiter, apex Chiron; a Kite involving the eclipse axis and Saturn-Hygeia and Uranus; and a Fire Grand Trine of Luna-Earth, Uranus, and Saturn-Hygeia; a Finger with base of Sun and Saturn-Hygeia, apex Vesta, with this latter body only 5 minutes off exact semi-sextile to the Lunar eclipse; a loose Fixed Grand Cross with the Sun-Earth-Lunar axis squaring an opposition of Sedna and a 29 degree Black Moon Lilith —and unrelated to the eclipse, a Finger with base of Sedna-Chiron, apex Jupiter, and a loose Cardinal Grand Cross with Vesta, Uranus, Pluto, and Zeus-Jupiter.

But if we keep a reasonable orb of roughly 3 degrees + or –, we don’t have any aspects to the eclipse that aren’t wrapped up in a config, though it’s arguable that Venus and Mars, roughly 5 degrees apart in Aries, both form sesquiquadrates to the eclipse outside of any configuration—they’re the exception. These contacts suggest issues may masquerade as male-female, animus-anima, or complementary opposites in conflict, or requiring adjustment—when the real issues lie in the energy patterns of the configurations—the Mars-Venus energy may just represent the delivery system, a clash between disparate elements that demands adjustment.


Eclipse inclusion in multiple patterns implies a highly dynamic set of circumstances that may appear to be independent of one another, but that are almost certainly linked through the Lunar energy (the exceptions being the Finger apex Jupiter and the Cardinal Grand Cross)—and that Lunar link grounds these dynamics in time—that is, it allows the eclipse itself to represent a locus where all these energies converge. Will each individual experience all the dynamic energy patterns of the eclipse? No, but each will experience some of them, largely depending on how (and how intensely) the eclipse fits in to the personal natal chart picture.

The event occurs in Leo, suggesting our attention is on ourselves, our role, our effectiveness, how well we ‘shine’, on issues of generosity and purpose, on identity and focus, and on the concept of ‘heart’ defined as the enthusiasm and commitment with which we meet a subject, and we add to this matters represented by the natal House in which the eclipse occurs. We definitely get feedback in these areas, but it will spread out in many different situations or life areas, so that events may appear distinctly unrelated. This is part of why the eclipse energy will be so confusing: the mix of internal and external information coming at us will be both interdependent (the many contacts) and carry a scent of revelation (Sedna, Uranus), Self-discovery (Leo), and crisis (Black Moon Lilith at 29 degrees, Saturn-Hygeia, Chiron), so that we may easily be distracted by any number of issues, our attention drawn in any number of directions.

Let’s start with the Finger of God with base of Lunar eclipse-Jupiter, apex Chiron; this implies that feelings about, or intuitions centered on, the actual material situation as it applies to ‘the facts’, education, anything ‘foreign’, anything at a distance, or to our social position or the general milieu that surrounds us, creates hurt or demands utilization of our most unique skills. We can answer the intuitive knowing, the emotional reaction, and the social ‘stress’ with either a hurt reaction or one that mobilizes our talents—our choice.

Carl Spitzweg c1885 {{PD}}

Carl Spitzweg c1885 {{PD}}

Next we have the Kite involving the eclipse axis and Saturn-Hygeia and Uranus. We may see sudden events or revelations concerning or affecting the ‘health’ of real-world matters or material situations, possibly through rules or restrictions imposed by ‘the group’—or, we see sudden, easy suppression of the health (or what was an otherwise healthy situation), with the result showing at the Lunar eclipse, and revealing something important about identity or purpose (Sun in opposition). This could suggest sudden shifts in what’s considered ‘healthy’, the normalizing of the abnormal, the pressures of revolution on tradition, the past, and current authorities, the prospect of revolution, and all of it under inspection for whether these are healthy options, in the largest sense, or not. This can be a messy scenario that either makes the eclipse event have emotional impact, or creates the emotional impact from which the eclipse events arise.

The Fire Grand Trine of Luna-Earth, Uranus, and Saturn-Hygeia carries much the same message as the Kite, but offers the option of creating balance (the Trine) through action/ ‘doing’  (Fire). Considering the eclipse occurs in Leo, a Fire sign, it’s likely that taking action will be our natural response—how comfortable we are with that, though, can only be determined by how and in what House the eclipse hooks into the natal chart.

The other eclipse-involved Finger consists of a base of Sun and Saturn-Hygeia, apex Vesta, with this latter body only 5 minutes off exact semi-sextile to the Lunar eclipse; here the Finger dynamic may masquerade as either an offshoot of or a distraction from the eclipse itself. Issues of identity, purpose, and Self-expression are tested via the reality picture, forcing you to ask the question, ‘How well am I actualizing myself and my potentials?’—and the answer is found in your commitments, your highest values and your ability to live them, and in those matters and individuals to which you dedicate your life energy. Those are big subjects, writ on a big canvas, and so we may feel we are unable to answer adequately or meaningfully, at least in terms of being able to translate big causes and trends to the spiritual and concrete energy dedications of the individual life. This is one question that needs to be answered, and answered specifically at this time—don’t brush it off.

There is a Fixed Grand Cross with the Sun-Earth-Lunar axis squaring an opposition between Sedna and a 29 degree Black Moon Lilith, suggesting a crisis with matters too long ignored, denied, or unjust, prompted by our own denial of our instincts or weaknesses, and triggered by the eclipse event. This has ‘dilemma’ written all over it—and as a Fixed matter, may seem intractable. One thing to keep in mind is that, despite all the influences at work (and sometimes at cross-purposes) the essence of things is still a Full Moon, an ending that may have the nature of a wipe-out in the House where the eclipse falls—and that means that no matter what is happening, some circumstances are drawing to a close, even if in the moment they still appear viable.

Overall, what we may need to do, as the impressions and issues layer, one upon another, is focus our choices and actions through those positive expressions available to us, thereby minimizing the distractions and possible destruction inherent in concentrating our energy and attention on the negative situations and circumstances presented. We see outlets in assessing our effective actualization, in the choice to approach things from a healed rather than a hurt perspective (and so emphasize health in all our choices), and most especially in the promised potential of creating balance by taking action. It seems confidence in our ability to handle what comes along, a positive focus on what’s healthy, a willingness to deal with real-world realities and the facts, a determination to make the most of who we are as individuals, are all key to meeting and accepting these energies, using them to their utmost, rather than being overwhelmed by them.

The Finger and Cardinal Grand Cross that don’t directly figure in to the eclipse offer their own possibly distracting (or aiding) input, which we may easily mistake for eclipse energy. The Finger of Sedna-Chiron, apex Jupiter, implies the potential for taking our injured instincts public, or trying to base ‘facts’ on our own wounds (shades of ‘alternative facts!’); a better use would be application of instincts and skills (especially those honed through hurt and experience) to expansion of our knowledge and our world. The Cross consists of Vesta, Uranus, Pluto, and Zeus-Jupiter, and seems most likely to act as support for the idea of creating balance through action (Cardinal energy), particularly action that is original, fearless, based on highest values, and takes an optimistic view of our goals.

The Sabian for the Lunar eclipse is, ‘In A Circus The Bareback Rider Displays Her Dangerous Skill’. This smacks of the courage (a very Leo thing!), daring, and confidence that the eclipse will call forth if we respond with our ‘best Self’. The situations presented may be dicey, uncomfortable, out of our element, or downright dangerous, but in any case will be handled best with a combination of bravery and skill.

Niko Pirosmani 'Black Bear' {{PD||

Niko Pirosmani ‘Black Bear’ {{PD||

We also look at the Sun for a Full Moon event: ‘A Big Bear Sitting Down And Waving All Its Paws’. This is an odd position for a bear, simply because the action doesn’t serve any purpose, and in fact may make the animal more vulnerable than it would otherwise be. We may see a lot of emotional ‘paw waving’, lots of motion and drama that leads nowhere and may even distract from what we need to see. This eclipse is definitely a kind of test: of nerve, of concentration, on seriousness of purpose, and of the skills, abilities, and learning we have so far accumulated—but remember, the test isn’t coming from the outside, observed and measured by some authority; its sole purpose is so that we can see our own abilities, measure our own skills, and sharpen our own focus and clarity of intent.

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