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Ilya Repin 1875 {{PD}}

Ilya Repin 1875 {{PD}}

The 17th we are tuned in to our instincts–actions reflect a kind of psychic muscle-memory that makes our choices highly expressive of who we are–it’s just that, with our eyes on the prize (likely Love or Money) we may find ourselves too radical, too impulsive, or caught up with matters previously ignored or denied, and so sabotaging what would otherwise be harmonious activity. Put conscious attention on the pay off you’re looking for; this may serve to re-align those action urges with our ‘ideal Self’ expression, and so be most true to who we are at our best.

Today’s word image is a classic play, badly staged. What ‘performance’ are you currently witnessing that is clumsy, unconvincing, and/ or that doesn’t respect the source material? And will you choose to be a critic, to walk out on the show, or be inspired to put on a better show yourself?

On the 18th we just can’t see relationships or finances clearly, not through any fault of our own, but due to a highly disorienting psychic haze that settles on the subject matter and makes it indecipherable. This is partly about issues we’ve ignored or denied–it’s as if this attitude has been in place just long enough to make attempts at focusing or fathoming impossible as we work against our own practiced, voluntary blindness–and it’s also about the way we’ve refused to stick to the facts, of late; wishful thinking is not helping, and it’s time to acknowledge that. Use ideals as a guide, and don’t expect anything to be clear in the moment.

Today’s word image is three crows, their feathers gleaming blue-black in the sunlight, perched along a fence. Watch for a trio, trinity, threesome, or triumvirate, and note that, though they may present very differently, they are all actually very much alike.

The 19th we’re so focused on our ambitions and desires that we can think of little else–nor should we. Make plans, consider, research, anticipate–it’s time to create a crisp, clear mental picture of what we want.

François Barraud - 'Nature morte avec carafe de vin, pain et lunettes' c1930 {{PD}}

François Barraud – ‘Nature morte avec carafe de vin, pain et lunettes’ c1930 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a delicious, very appealing, dark purple drink. Is it wine, grape soda, prune juice, pomegranate with or without alcohol, a raspberry lemonade, blueberry liqueur, or something else? Whatever comes to mind, consider that a symbol of the lens you’re currently applying to life (in cruder terms, the Kool-Aid you’ve chosen to drink). For instance, wine might suggest you are intoxicated with the world at present, allowing it to work a kind of spell on you that may cause you to act in an uninhibited manner, to positive or negative effect. If it’s made from fruit, consider how you may be squeezing things for all they can give you–and so may be resourceful or, conversely, spending too much time wringing the last drops from already-spent events. If it’s sweet, you might consider that it makes it easier to get through what might otherwise be disheartening times, but that it also makes one prone to ’emotional spills’ that can be quite sticky. You get my drift.

On the 20th we’re much too fond of our own erratic nature (which we might mistake for originality) and so end up disrespecting the very things that are most important to us–and that’s too bad, because if we can set aside the need to show others how unique we are, we have a good shot at coming up with some truly original ideas, to be implemented later, when we can separate the weakness of the ego (the times when we need external reinforcement and reassurance) from the useful idea or creative spark. It’s all about removing the demand for attention or recognition from the equation–true modesty is an incubator for effective ideas and plans–do your best.

'1900 Exposition universelle' Photo by William Herman Rau Library of Congress {{PD}}

‘1900 Exposition universelle’ Photo by William Herman Rau Library of Congress {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a tower with no windows and no doors. What are you finding inaccessible, that if you could access it, would offer a view with much greater range and depth?

On the 21st we may find ourselves smack-dab in the middle of the past, re-hearing old messages (especially from the social circle), and having trouble connecting with our own power and potentials. Particularly in the case of Venusian energies, we may see their expression (listen up, ladies!) as incompatible with expression of authority, dominion, and our own natural gifts. This is the kind of thinking that separates us from our own strength–and may be ‘offered’ to us by someone (or through some mechanism) from the past. Forewarned, as they say.

Today’s word image is an innocent party favor, a paper crown. Look around you; who’s wearing theirs with a fun attitude, and who’s taking theirs seriously, and without a trace of irony. That latter’s who you need to watch out for.

The 22nd we take Action! with a capital ‘A’, and our choices are fueled by instinct, though we may very quickly find that a combination of influences (our own ambitions, insistence on ignoring the social sphere and who actually holds the power, reluctance to think about what we’ve been ignoring or denying) create some untenable dynamics that seem to demand sacrifice in order to move forward. That is incorrect–what they really demand is a reasonable willingness to modify our ambitions and aims, as well as openness to feedback (available through study of the facts and/ or the social sphere) that fills in the gaps in our own ‘blind spots’. Stay calm, and navigate with care.

By Thomas Altfather Good - Original Work, GFDL, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=21041094

By Thomas Altfather Good – Original Work, GFDL, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=21041094

Today’s word image is canned soup. Nobody prefers canned soup to homemade, do they? What are you accepting that represents ease but inferior quality? And is that how you want to live?

For the 23rd, be advised: Thoughts are Things. Be aware of the potential for Self-sabotage (chiefly by not owning your power or role as an authority) or by acting as if those thoughts you are manifesting are not really something you’re in control of. Look too for the possibility that others may demand you modify your standards or values in order to win their approval. Of course, don’t–though you may just want to remain still (they can’t see you if you don’t move!) until their attention focuses elsewhere.

Today’s word image is a flower and a note addressed to you, lying on a table. What kind of flower is it, and what does the note say? After you answer that, consider that the note is from your own unconscious mind–now what is it telling you?

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