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‘Surfer Girl’ by William Fulton Soare, oil on canvas, c. 1935 {{PD}}

I’m completely unavailable the 23rd-28th, so all comments, questions, purchases, and requests will be processed when I return to the keyboard. Have a wonderful week! jd

On the 24th our wounds, mental, psychic, emotional, spiritual, get in the way of hearing our own instincts, social feedback, ‘the facts’, as they speak; we resist input, the standards set by our own values, and the way our Self-image has been impugned by realities that have until now remained hidden, denied, or that have enraged us with their seeming inaccuracy. All this upset is most likely to come out through imbalances of power within relationships or that involve money; these trigger a sense of defensiveness or inferiority, and we’re off to the races. The antidote? Accepting that you’re not perfect–and that just because someone reflects back to you something you don’t like or that you disagree with, doesn’t mean either of you is right.

We’re in the Dark of the Moon at this point; expect more inner activity than outer–or, maybe I should say, expect inner realities to be more real than outer ones–and allow those lulls, moments of deep contemplation, and reveries to organize your thoughts and feelings for you. Sleep late or go to bed early, rest and rejuvenate–dream, ponder, or embrace silence–it’s time.

‘Still Life with Nautilus Cup’ Willem Claesz. Heda 1640 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is apple pie. Do you have a personal association with this? I do, as I don’t like apples much, and am not fond of pie; as a child this dessert always seemed like a small punishment, rather than a treat, especially because we were rarely allowed to decline (something about hurting the cook’s feelings)–so when I think of apple pie, I think of something mildly unpleasant, that I may be forced to ‘enjoy’. Obviously, few people have this particular thought around an apple pie; only you know what it means for you.

The 25th The Sun conjoins Venus while the latter appears in a retrograde state; we may get a good, clear look at lacks in the areas of Money or Love (or matters ruled by Venus in the natal chart), especially as they apply to the matters of the natal House in which the apparent meeting occurs–but we should note that at the same time, the Sun will be contra-parallel Pallas, while Venus is parallel Mercury and both are contra-parallel Juno, Venus is trine Black Moon Lilith, and Merc noviles Neptune. These contacts suggest that what we pay attention to, that is, the message we receive from all around us, may be distorted somehow, unwise or impractical to the extent that it disempowers, should we follow through on what we see or learn while in our current state of mind, and that’s key: the value of this particular set of contacts lies in the worth of what we uncover, what was previously disguised or kept hidden from ourselves; it’s what’s discovered that’s of worth, not our taking action upon it. Once we’ve processed the material, and are able to look past the impulse toward poor judgment and refuse to fix our gaze on what’s missing, we can recognize that what’s been revealed (whether we had to work for that info or realization, or it was delivered to us) is about the most useful thing we could’ve been given at this time, particularly in terms of making successful plans we can act on in future.

Today’s word image is a bluebird. Most associations, no matter from what culture they come, link a bluebird with happiness, specifically optimism about tomorrow, or an ideal situation to reach for, especially something that seems unattainable. Look for that note of optimism, that promise of something better, that harbinger right in front of you–it’s there to let you know everything will be all right.

What surprises, shocks, stirs the intellect, educates, or offers a radically forward-thinking vision today, the 26th, is future-oriented–our reaction and/ or the revelation delivered is a startling glimpse at what’s ahead for us, especially in terms of ‘reward’–but be aware that what has been shaped by our own choices and appears now is a direct result of rejecting certain elements of the past–that’s at least as important to know going forward as is what’s coming.

Today’s word image is a skull and crossbones. Poison! Pirates! What’s telling you to stay away at all costs–and you’re probably ignoring the warning?

The 27th we’re going to feel energized–it’s probably contributed to by the New Moon energy–or it may just be that we’re offered inspiration or a crack at power or making our imprint on things, and we do it. The thing is, don’t expect the reality picture to cooperate; material circumstances throw up roadblocks, or the real world simply resists our efforts–and this is due either to what we don’t (yet) know, or have ignored or denied, creating a ‘block’ of our own making, or we are potentially deceived, mislead, or so angry we can’t operate effectively. If there was ever a day to start over, to abandon dead ends and missteps, today is it, with our new start going best in the area of the New Moon.

Today’s word image is a surfer riding a wave. This figure is poised, in control of the ride, relaxed atop that powerful natural flume, using the ocean’s energy (read: the Collective) to propel her forward. What ‘wave’ is offering you a big, natural boost of energy, a means of gaining ground that you control your own relationship to and with? That’s the thing to hop on now, if only because it offers a graceful and harmonious means of propulsion, one that makes you part of and yet arbiter of a personal movement, trend, or other form of expression.

The 28th may be the day of biggest import this week, if only because instincts will be disconnected from imagination and the creative urge, and this could imply we cook up some disasters, or maybe just make some boneheaded moves, before we even realize how disoriented we are. The aspects suggest our grounds for aesthetic judgment become just a little crass, rooted in material worth, the pleasing of others, trends of the moment, or in trying to bring something new forward that is measured solely by its status as an oddity–and none of those stances are particularly productive or rewarding, because of our failure to connect with our own true tastes. What works? A type of informed spontaneity probably flows best, as our choices and actions can be truly unique and inspired when we allow them to emerge spontaneously from previously curated understanding and past intellectual exploration: the informed mind sparks the creative.

“Photo: Graeme Main/MOD” OGL

Today’s word image is a hand of cards, a Royal Flush. In many games, that’s the best hand possible. In what way in your life were you dealt a Royal Flush, and how have you used it?

On the 29th we’re set to make things happen; we’re feeling ready and able, but flaws in our Being or our perceptions can get in the way. It’s one of those times when our effectiveness is a direct reflection of our health: are we doing it spurred by pure and positive Soul energies, or is some wound, especially one rooted in our own disapproval of ourselves, the driving force? Intention is the wellspring from which all comes; today we’re required to operate without ulterior or polluted motives, in order to succeed.

Today’s word image is a fisherman who spends all day at the pier but goes home without any fish. What are we ‘fishing for’ that’s just not gonna happen? Time to acknowledge that, and move on.

For the 30th all astro-eyes are likely on the perfection once again of the Jupiter-Pluto square. This has been a shake-down of massive proportion, simply by the way facts, beliefs, rage, revenge, the social order, and change all conflict to create an unusually tenacious instability. It’s a clash that demands unlearning; it also requires we expand our ideas of power, destruction, and regeneration, breaking them, sometimes forcefully, from the old mold and asking us to accept new definitions and new forms–and this, naturally, changes our idea of ‘the facts’ and what we know. This square marks another point in an evolution of knowledge. Accept the ‘new order’, because until you do, you won’t have any idea who to believe, and with whom to partner.

That previously mentioned disconnection from our own imaginative abilities (on the 28th) spills over into today, but now we’re offered a way to access the creative spark, peripheral as the method is: let it flow through the instinctual nature. Children, those who are ill or distracted, those with lots of Pisces, dreamers, drunks, and the feral all experience a thinner barrier between conscious reality and the impulsiveness and sensitivity of the unseen; listen to them, emulate them, and/ or study them, for hints as to how that access works.

Today’s word image is a flag. What kind of flag springs to mind? Consider that a tiny Rorschach test that speaks of your view or orientation, right now.