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They’ve got New Moon ideas. Carl Bloch – ‘In a Roman Osteria’ {{PD}}

This New Moon may be like a little *ping*, almost unnoticeable, so distracted will we be from the new start, inception, or burgeoning issue it represents. The New Moon makes only one aspect, forming apex to a very loose Fist of God with base of Zeus square Juno (There is an argument to be made for a sextile to Vesta, as well, but no, it’s 3 full degrees–a little more than I like for a crisp Moon picture). This suggests something interesting: that we’ll have an idea, a thought, become aware of some germinal seed, just beginning, that comes to us at the same time we experience a conflict or upset, a clash between what empowers us and what we want–and those topics are so compelling that we may have a difficult time holding on to that new concept, that just-starting idea, that could grow into something great. Whether the idea comes to us as a result of the conflict, or is subsumed in the course of the conflict, we will be presented with a mental ‘spark’ of one kind or another; it’s up to us to refuse to wrangle with others (especially partners–Zeus in Libra) over our desires, and whether we have the clout, the support structure, or can show Self-restraint or follow the rules sufficiently (Juno in Capricorn) to fulfill our ambitions. It’s in this sort of dust-up that our New Moon idea can be lost, as we are tempted to focus on justifying, explaining, or proving that we both deserve what we aim for and are capable of getting it. We don’t need to explain ourselves to anyone–and we deplete ourselves if we use our energy to explain and plead, rather than to be and do.

So what’s the nature of the spark we’ll get? Look to the matters of the House where the New Moon falls for you. It may be an idea on one or more of the House topics, could present a sudden and fresh way of dealing with a long-standing related problem, or could be something we hear or read, a message or statement not necessarily meant for us, but just what we needed to be privy to, to realign our thinking or open our mind to a new way of reasoning or seeing. If the New Moon forms aspects to your natal placements, these are also clues as to what may contribute to the spark for you–and in particular, pay attention to Houses ruled, if any, by natal placements contacted by the NM. These can show a synergy that connects and combines matters into a single issue. For instance, if the New Moon falls in your 3rd, square your Virgo Sun in 6th, with Sun ruling the 5th, you could see a change in the daily routine (6th) as you get a new contract (3rd) related to your creative output (5th). This same combo could refer to a new creative idea (3rd, 5th) that causes you to take a particular job, or to change the one you have (6th). Or, you take a short trip (3rd) to gamble (5th) and lose your job! (6th) You get my drift.

The Sabian for the New Moon is, “A Revolutionary Magazine Asking For Action”. Words can educate us, move us to a cause, inform and inflame–but at this time we must take care to keep our attention on our goals. We can try to explain our ideas, try to enlist others to our side, but in the end, this is energy, as the Fist tells us, that’s better spent actually pursuing what we want. To change the world feels good, but it happens in the doing, not in the talking about doing–something to keep in mind as we deal with today’s influences and events.

We also see a passel of other distractions, presented through relationships, finances, and a reality picture that forces us to adjust our thinking by making it impossible not to deal with what we’ve up to now ignored, denied, or been enraged by. We may be told by others that only the future matters; what really counts now is to accept, even love, change–it’s not just the only way to stay sane, it leaves that much more of our energy and attention for our own use.