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Briton Rivière – ‘Phoebus Apollo’, 1895 {{PD}}

On the 9th there’s a Cardinal T-square involving Sun opposed Pluto with both square asteroid Zeus that probably grabs the lion’s share of our attention: we see the naked power picture, and how that doesn’t serve our ambitions and desires. This sounds like a harsh formula, until we see that by illuminating who enjoys what prerogatives, this circumstance shows us exactly what we need to do to remove obstacles, access our own power, and get what we want. Be prepared: we get blow-back from our own minds and ego, both of which may argue that problems are fixed and to think otherwise is unhealthy–but that’s not so. Take action, make plans, and do so with courage–it’s a time of unusual clarity of vision, so take advantage of that.

Today’s word image is myriad bubbles escaping from the sea bed. This image might suggest surprise, for who expects oxygen to burble right up out of the ocean floor? Look for something very necessary in an unexpected place, and believe it when you see it.