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Sometimes we have unrealistic expectations prompted by what we see around us, and insist on trying to live up to them. ‘Portrait of Marchesa Brigida Spinola Doria’ 1606 Artist Unknown {{PD}}

Though our thoughts center on priorities, values, and what we find sacred (who am I kidding–we’re a little obsessed with all that’s most dear to us!) we’re probably thinking about these so much because we have a sneaking suspicion that someone might take one or more of these away, or that time, the Powers-That-Be, or our own destructiveness might eliminate from our lives what we desire most. Understand that our highest values permeate our thoughts–and ideals are just that, often impossible standards that nothing can live up to. We’re also seeing our ambitions and desires in exaggerated form, perhaps seeing examples within the social order that we feel hard pressed to match. These are the reasons we are feeling stressed around such nebulous and demanding factors–and throw in the way transiting Saturn is inexorably moving toward the current Black Moon Lilith point, as well as the lingering Jupiter-Pluto contact, and we have a recipe for personal paranoia and a fear that the real world or those with power (who, strangely, we’re never imagining as ourselves) may blow it all up. I’m not saying this can’t happen, but I am saying it’s all much more within your control than you might think–and that should be very reassuring.

Los Angeles Alligator Farm — in a 1906 postcard {{PD}}

Today’s word image is an alligator locked away in a box; someone lets it out. Alligators don’t belong in cages, but neither do they belong roaming around where people are. What thing do you feel threatened by that’s where it is because of an inappropriate action that preceded it–and what will you do about it?