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Photo by Lewis Carroll ‘Smith Sisters, Summer 1859’ {{PD}}

Remember that trine between the Sun and Black Moon Lilith we talked about yesterday? For a few hours on the 12th it becomes a Fire Grand Trine as the Moon moves into the last decan of Aries (later AM Pacific)–and this happens just after the Moon forms a T-square by opposition to Jupiter and square to Pluto. The energy is big, sweeping, serious, though it doesn’t feel heavy, except in the way we see (or perhaps I should say ‘perceive’, as not everything will be on the surface or immediately identifiable) it shuffling the chess pieces on our board. We get to the end of the day with things considerably different, arranged in a way we didn’t anticipate, as at least some of what happens involves having to attend to (and so acknowledge feelings about) those things we’d rather ignore or deny. Know that there’s liberation to be found in dealing with things, and be aware that, particularly right now, we must be willing to allow others the autonomy to make their own decisions, no matter what we believe.

Mercury also begins apparent retrograde in Virgo, needing to backtrack only 7 minutes to perfect a trine to Pallas. This suggests that at least part of the meaning of this retro period will involve critical discernment (Virgo) of what’s wise, what’s practical, what skills are needed (Pallas). This sets the tone for the entire period; make sure that what you review and re-do brings answers that address those Pallas questions.

Today’s word image is a bowling ball floating on the water. Impossible, right? We may encounter something just as unlikely today–but in this case, accept what you see, but verify how it’s done, even though that takes the ‘magic’ out of it, as you’ll be much better off knowing the ‘why and how’ behind it.

Anticipation may be the theme on the 13th. We see the Sun trining a retrograde Saturn, Vesta and Neptune moving toward opposition, Mars heading toward a quincunx to Pluto and sextiles to Zeus and Jupiter, and there are a coupe of close semi-sextiles that link energies through a mild tension: Mars-Venus, and Chiron-Uranus, which we can read as, ‘man-woman/ animus/ anima’ and ‘sudden hurt or healing, wounding accident, spontaneous display of unique skills’. We may spend the day in a state akin to waiting, but not knowing just what we’re waiting for. The Moon in Taurus counsels us to relax and enjoy creature comforts–that’ll be my goal, and should be yours, too.

Today’s word image is: a sea serpent pokes his head up out of a choppy lake. Hmmm. Again with an image that may or may not be a reality. And again, accept that you saw it, but don’t accept anyone else’s definition of what it actually is.

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