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Not this kind of ‘T’! ‘Tea Service’ by Albert Anker 1910 {{PD}}

Today, the 15th, there’s a perfect T-square with Venus opposed Pluto and both squared by Zeus–perfect in that it tells us precisely how we might act, as Mars quincunxes Pluto and sextiles Zeus. Those latter aspects suggest that actions and choice may be prompted by the need to accommodate change, the Powers-that-be, or loss (Pluto), and that these in some way help bring us what we aim for or desire (Zeus). The T pits the infinite energy of Love against the relentless energy of change, with which wins determined by the state of ambitions and desires. In other words, a Love or Financial situation lasts or falls away, dependent on how sufficiently we’ve addressed both the need to accept change (to grow and adapt to new faces of Love or new sources of support) and how well these fit into the desire and ambition picture. If our Love isn’t a living thing, changing and growing with us, then it is unlikely to fit into the evolving reality of what we want, and so may, quite naturally, be shed at this time.

Today’s word image is: Trolls. When you see or hear that word, what comes to mind? The kind that live under a bridge and pester travelers, the kind that make nasty comments for the fun of it, or those squat, big-bellied, wild hair, pop-eyed dolls? Let’s define it, in the loosest sense, as something that wants to bedevil others. If you have this element in your life right now, label it for what it is–don’t make excuses for someone who’s just trying to irritate or trip up others, and in calling it out, realize you don’t need to accept this irritation yourself.

Thank you, and have a great week!