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Chinese sculpture dating from 960 A.D. Photo by James Tourtellotte {{PD}}

We get results today–not necessarily the ones we’re waiting for, but those directly related to our personal efforts and assertiveness, to our identity and purpose, to our relationships or earning situation and what we’ve done therein. We may find that in the process of collecting what’s due we have to break a few eggs, so to speak, destroy to create; we may risk the health of ourselves or some system (such as the one that allows us to earn a living or support ourselves), or we may have to mount the equivalent of a military campaign in order to get what’s coming to us–and of course, that carries the dual-sided connotation of bringing to us what we actually deserve, no matter what we may believe that is. Misplaced aggression is an issue, but if you keep that in mind, encounters where you may be tempted to meet like with like will suddenly be seen for what they are: the individual in struggle with the Universe, not with you. We’re all trying to nail down ideas of who we are; accept that the concept of identity is more fluid than solid, and you’ll make progress without having to wage war.

‘Head of a Warrior’ Leonardo da Vinci c1504 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is: attending a theatrical play that mirrors societal-scale real life events. There’s no question that Art reflects life; what does the Art you surround yourself with (if nothing else, think of it as the atmosphere, your surroundings) or that you make say about yours?

As of AM Pacific time of the 15th, I have responded to everyone from whom I received a natal scenario involving approx. 20 Taurus (see the post for the 14th), though not to every comment, as some people submitted multiples or additional info. If you submitted a natal scenario specific to the info offered and didn’t get a reply (I answered everything in some form), it’s because I didn’t get your comment! You can try again, in the comments section for the 14th–but please, list the natal point that sits 19-21 Taurus, the House it rules, and avoid shoehorning in additional questions about other elements of your chart or the transiting scenario.