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Auguste Renoir – ‘Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette’ 1875 {{PD}}

A compulsion to talk about or ponder relationships, Love, or financial matters is part healing action, part need to transform contacts and resources into something more compatible with our highest values or commitments, and part clever, witty thought process applied to the Universal need for change. We are inspired in our thinking about Venusian subjects, and if we can let instincts drive, we can reform our attitudes and interactions in most positive ways, into a veritable Love Fest. Be aware, though, that communications are loving, even if they wound; the speaker may not see the implications behind their own words (thanks, Merc retro!) One other caution: blind spots in those same Venusian areas may be magnified, with instincts providing unreasoned excuses that could sink what we only seek to reform, so proceed with care.

Today’s word image is a candle dedicated to your favorite saint. You say you don’t have a favorite saint, aren’t religious, don’t imbue objects with meaning or a sense of the sacred? Yes, you do, you just haven’t recognized you do it. What’s the most common sacred object in the world today? The cell phone. We tell ourselves it’s a practical matter, but we are emotionally attached, and expect it to ‘save’ us repeatedly. Look at what thing or things you may treat as a kind of totem, or that carry a sense of being sacred, and consider what your decision to designate that thing as spiritually meaningful, done consciously or not, says about you.

Have a wonderful week!