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Henry Herbert La Thangue – ‘The Return of the Reapers’ 1885 {{PD}}

The mental processes take on a particular tone today for the Merc retrograde review: we are inclined to look closely at either our power and status situation, or at our health, with strong potential for inspecting those areas where they overlap. It all takes on a highly Virgoan cast, where we closely peruse detail, inspect methodologies, and in some way try to ‘balance the books’. This is likely successful, leading to a nice equilibrium between trimming and getting more, expanding and contracting, and between taking an optimistic approach and a realistic one. Remember what you conclude today, and write it down if you have to–realizations seen at this point will be invaluable post-Mercury direction.

Today’s word image is a woman who sits alone in a darkened movie theater, watching the show for hours. What do you imagine she’s watching? And what does that say about what’s ‘playing’ in your life right now?