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Albrecht Dürer – ‘Wing of a Roller’ 1511 {{PD}}

Have we seen what’s good for us, and in implementing it, expected to change ourselves, our values, and our interactions? Or have we expected our relationships and what we care about to adapt to us and the changes we’re going through? Today we’re not quite processing accurately our relationship to the social sphere, the facts, or our true empowerment position; our thinking is frizzled by interference and so largely static, indecipherable. This unsureness in our approach will create some (possibly unfortunate) change–but it will only be destructive if we cling to the idea of ourselves as individual islands in need of defense in a hostile social sea, that is, if we expect the world to uncomplainingly accommodate any changes to our viewpoint or behavior. We can’t forget the interconnectedness of all Beings, and we must in particular remember our own commitments and alliances, if we want to get through today without stepping on any feelings or burning any bridges.

Today’s word image is a wing, detached from its owner, lying in the grass. What kind of wing did you see? One from a bird, one made of paper as from a kite, the large metal wing of an airplane, the wing from a costume, one from an angel? Take this as an indicator of some assistance you might be asked to render in the near future, the nature of which is shown by the kind of wing you imagine. For instance, if you pictured an angel’s wing, you might be asked to be someone’s angel, to come to their rescue in some way; the wing of an airplane might, by contrast, suggest someone needs your technical help, or possibly that someone needs your assistance ‘to fly’.