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‘Tree of Life’ by Oscar Soteno on display at the Museum of Artes Populares in Mexico City. Photo By Alejandro Linares Garcia – Own work, GFDL, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8335002

There are a lot of swift-moving currents today, and we should expect to be tossed around a bit as we encounter them. The most telling and difficult to navigate may be the most pervasive pairing, that of a parallel between Jupiter and Neptune. A parallel, as we know, is when two bodies are the same distance from and on the same side of (that is, north or south of) the celestial equator. Parallels act like conjunctions, yes, but they’re more subtle than that; I think of the two energies as unique but diffuse, as if each permeates the other, creating a third vibe that runs below the conscious surface of things. It’s as if we got Jupiter in our Neptune, and Neptune all over our Jupiter! That suggests a handful of potentials: expanded creativity or imagination or hallucination/ delusion, possibly broadcast publicly; the social sphere gone daft, operating on a total fiction; misguided or misunderstood beliefs, teachings, or optimism; exaggerated misperceptions; an inability to get a handle on beliefs or ‘the facts’, with the many disasters or serendipities that may ripple out from that.

What else is in the waters? (Waters, with Ceres, Chiron, Neptune, and Earth in Water signs at present, guaranteeing we will see and feel transit effects, no matter how generated.) We may see a reality picture that has difficulty accepting Nature or the requirements of authorities, with those rebelling violating their own highest values and standards; they’re spurred on by unacknowledged anger or denial, or an inability to truly value what they actually have. In trying to avoid hurt they reject instinct, believing the mind is more accurate–but have they not heard Merc’s not only retro, he’s retreated into Leo and parallel the Sun, circumstances in which he may be overwhelmed with a reflexive Self-interest? Possibly a highly difficult day, made better if we muster creativity, look outward at least as much as we look within, and don’t fight the reality picture, but try to work within it; those measures will help us channel efforts most effectively, and prevent too much useless kicking and kvetching.

‘The Day Dream’ 1880 by Dante Gabriel Rossetti {{PD}}

Today’s word image is last night’s dream. Recently (not necessarily the night of the 30th to 31st) you have been presented with a dream image that was confounding and that really stuck with you. Watch for those elements that make up the image in your real life, and take your message from both literal and symbolic meanings that may come forward (for me this involves a move back in time and a mouse!)

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