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By Albert Guillaume – Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=36888758

Our beliefs, our social lives, our creativity, our fantasies, will all be measured against those things that are most important to us, and we engage in this exercise for three reasons: we want to know what to do, which way to go, as we move into the future; we want to ferret out those hidden influences that may be stopping up the flow of Love or Money; and we want to get ourselves in perfect alignment with what really matters to us–and we have the smarts to realize we can only do that if we know what may be exerting an influence from the unconscious, or from our own denial of something. It’s a time when we intensely scrutinize how and where we dedicate our energies, with a better than even chance that we will define things in such a way that our ‘next step’ becomes unavoidably clear.

Though our wish to flee isn’t as dramatic as this Biblical scene, we do have the urge to just ‘get out of town’, one way or another. ‘The Flight of Lot and His Family from Sodom’ by Peter Paul Rubens c1614 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is really just an urge: the desire to escape. Pressures seem to be building for everyone–so much for the eclipses dissipating ambient energies–and even when things are going well, there seems to be a weight hanging over everything. Focus helps, by narrowing our field of vision in such a way that matters are more easily addressed, one at a time, and also helpful is reminding ourselves that stress over what might happen is counter-productive–live in the moment, for best results.

Thank you, and have a wonderful weekend-eve!