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We’ll have to adjust today–to ourselves. Our most unique and original inclinations surface, along with enough optimism to float several boats (and to tackle issues too long denied or ignored), and that means we can make spectacular leaps forward, especially in areas requiring confidence, understanding, and creativity. The innovative thought occurs–jot it down and save it for after Merc direction–and serendipities abound. What’s not working so well? What haunts us has an exaggerated presence–it hangs like a pall–so may needlessly blanket situations and our outlook. There’s also potential to be mentally erratic, to deny our creative urge, or to miss the way our ambitions can accommodate our high standards, and vice versa. Think in terms of modifications that preserve our integrity, core values, and our most treasured goals, while being responsive to the changing scene around us.

Today’s word image is a car winding endlessly around an ascending spiral ramp. On those kind of facilities you only see the floors where you can exit and park at one point on the spiral; the rest of the time, it just looks like you’re following a contained road to nowhere. I hate to get all philosophical on you, but life is a lot like that. We only periodically see where our ‘road’ is really taking us, and often it seems like there’s no way off, no other choice. I think the image counsels patience, a willingness to continue to move forward even when we are unsure what to expect ahead, and reassures us that, eventually, ‘where we’re at’ will be revealed.

Have a wonderful day! And a song ‘for the road’