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Fairy Tale Forest Creatures by Arthur Rackham 1919 {{PD}}

Mercury stations direct, and Mars enters Virgo–those seem straightforward enough, don’t they? And related, as our action urge enters territory that requires care, precision, attention to detail, to our results, and the sign’s ruler shifts from reclusive and cagey to open and advancing. It all suggests things going forward, and things being worked out–but what else is in the picture, set to exert an influence on these tidy and welcome proceedings?

Venus sesquiquadrates Chiron and quincunxes Neptune, suggesting that not only will relationships be difficult, we could accidentally hurt them (or blunderingly heal them, which is almost a kind of wounding, as well) out of misperception, misguidedness, or sheer fantasy that tells us things are something they’re not. We may have to adjust values or spending to suit partners or our budget, and creativity may cost us, or change our relationships in irritating ways. Then there’s the Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus, illuminating what’s different, strange, freakish, shocking, or unreliable, and this possibly in our own behavior or in relation to the group. What we have, then, is a day that seems on the surface to open a smooth road before us–but that somehow tangles around us, like tree branches in an enchanted forest, in areas of relationships or finance, likely out of our own misunderstanding of these, or in our attempt to align our own interests with the groups’. Step with care, rather than run with abandon–you’re much less likely to take a fall, and will get to see the landscape, besides.

Today’s word image is a movie, already seen, viewed again. Do you re-watch movies, or do you never want to repeat what you’ve already seen? I often have a completely different experience, seeing the whole thing from another perspective, than I did the first time around, so to me it can be highly enjoyable. There’s a situation or circumstance repeating in your life right now–are you seeing it as a boring re-run (and so maybe missing the meaning of its recurrence?) or are you experiencing it anew, seeing whole new meanings in what’s happening (but maybe missing the message it tried to deliver the first time)? The answer to that tells you where and what you might need to adjust, especially in terms of where you need to put your attention.