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‘Bildnis Sonja Knips (Portrait of Sonja Knips)’ by Gustav Klimt 1897 {{PD}}

Today boils down to one thing: we all need to sit in the corner and think about what we did.

Some use of our own power, authority, or station in the past needs to be examined, either because we want to reproduce the results, or because we really need not to. The mind is free of its retro drag, so available to handle the tough questions in a reasonably clear way. Go to it.

Today’s word image is a mold, damaged but not broken. The saying, ‘They broke the mold after they made her’ indicates originality or uniqueness, sometimes complimentary and sometimes not. Our image features an unbroken but flawed mold, suggesting imperfection ‘passed on’, as the mold still exists to be filled to create more of the same pieces. What thing in you or in your life ‘shaped’ by an outside force (think family pattern, life-subscribing accident or circumstance, schooling or religious influence) is flawed, and ask yourself if it’s worth keeping in this form, as well as whether it’s really something you want to be part of passing on.

Enjoy your Thursday!