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‘Thor’s Battle Against the Jötnar’ (1872) By Mårten Eskil Winge {{PD}}

There are a few things going on today, but I think the one we’re all going to feel is the Fist of God (or Thor’s Hammer, for all you Valkyries). This one has a base of Venus square Juno, apex Sedna. The base is Cardinal, with Venus in Libra and Juno in Capricorn, suggesting the conflict of the square is dynamic, perceptible, and arising out of action; relationship values, aesthetic concerns, or relationships themselves or possibly financial circumstances clash with our sense of empowerment and its expression through practicality, autonomy, and ‘the bottom line’. That paints a picture of values, energy, or monetary issues rooted in a no-win need to consider the power spread and ‘bottom line’ in relationships and what they need from us (or secondarily, the clash of what makes sense with what we want, with others or what’s necessary or needed taking a contrary position to our desires).

The apex tells us what results from the conflict of the square, in this case filled in by Sedna, which is 135 degrees from each body of the square. Sometimes the apex point describes a non-result, an impasse or failure generated by the two base energies being unable to mesh or work out their differences, but in this case it describes a matter that, failing resolution, will get stuck sotto voce in our heads (though if it is resolved, we use our instincts or our capacity to ‘know but not know’ to do it). It may affect our ability to listen to our own instincts, may force us into dealing with (or, much worse, succumbing to) the ‘blind spot’ material we carry, or it may interrupt or somehow influence our own larger life-death-life pattern. With this latter, we may find ourselves disoriented, as if our lives were threading out, read by the needle on an old phonograph player, and someone jarred it, making it drag and skip.

First, know that if you do feel the disruption, it is temporary; once the Cardinal conflict is resolved, all falls ‘back into the groove’. Second, remind yourself that we cannot be off our Path–no matter where you go, there you are, it’s quite impossible to be sidelined (though it is possible to be sidetracked, tempted into a holding pattern from which progress arrives slowly or non-existent)–so, no matter what, you are still on track–only the momentum is in question. We might see the problem we need to solve as involving Wilfulness. There–should you experience this Fist, that is the initial place to focus, as that will help you solve the clash.

Today’s word image is broken eggs. They’re much like spilled milk; unless we’ve already started long ago in that direction, it’s too late to be a ballerina, jet pilot, acrobat, surgeon, or whatever dream it is you’ve held in wait since childhood (since you were an egg!!). Recognizing what will never come to fruition frees up hopeful energies and flushes regrets, so that what’s left is ready, willing, and able to take action on the ideal, and the attainable.

Have a lovely day! Buy my books! (Disclaimer: I’m not saying the two are connected)