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‘Reverie’ by Oreste Pizio 1900 {{PD}}

Usually I use the phrase ‘magical thinking’ with the implication that we’re fooling ourselves, imagining we can see meanings and apply a set of rules that are unrealistic or fantasy-driven, but today I mean it in its most pure, even literal, sense: when deployed ideals, and creative and imaginative energies, empower us; we think and process in creatively effective ways, seeing what can be–and we have the confidence and adaptability to make it happen. The future is a living, breathing entity at this point, one that responds to our actions and choices–so make them best choices, that reflect your best Self.

Today’s word image is anxiety, specifically that generated in you over the possible choices or suffering of those you love. This is pain that springs from worry about potentials. This anxiety came out-of-the-blue, based not in what is but in extrapolating from past potentials or conditions–and that’s our clue (at least one of them) that this angst isn’t originating with us. We’re acting as receivers at this time, and what we’re picking up is someone else’s negative energy aimed at us, which is churning up useless worry as our minds search for the source of our anxiety. Realize that 1) this agitation is not linked to anything currently extant, and 2) you should let this be your warning that you’ve gone too much into receptive mode–get your energies up and out, to ward off the psychic incursion of others.

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Excerpt of a single panel from a multi-paneled Mopsy comic published in TV Teens, Vol. 2, No. 7
By Gladys Parker {{PD}}